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Here Fishy Fishy
Yes it's April 1st again!
Were doing things a little different this year.

 Decode the clues, find the key, Click! - more 
Fishys - 1st Avenue
I'm the second of four or could be three, click me to see!

Marine - 2nd Avenue
I'm small, lonely and astray, don't forget me on the way!

 Happy Easter - Yes, it's Easter time again and those damn eggs are on the loose. This year unfortunately the hunt begins on a bad day! Yup, I's that time again and now you have to find you way in before you can begin... read more 
07.04.01 - Aria

 Just a Hint -Not everything has a clue, sometimes the clues are in plain sight, sometimes you just need to click around to find them. Don't click too much though, you may reset your session. Oh yeah, don't forget the sooner you find them the sooner you can search for those damn tricky eggs... read more 
07.04.01 - Aria

Running as a community since 2001, this will be the sixth consecutive prank played on our members.
I would like to apologise in advance for any distress caused while trying in vain to access the site on this day.

Official AF2007 Apology

For all those who cannot access the site, ask around, I'm sure some people have inside information. If you are still unsuccessful feel free to come back after April 1st and the site will behave normally... read more 

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