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Welcome to the Aria's Ink Story Archive
Hello my name is AisysWelcome to Aria's Ink! AI is a writer's community with a growing story archive and forum. Much of the site is available to guests and membership is not required; however, membership is required to access certain parts of the site.

Benefits of having an account:
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Make sure to peruse the FAQs as they are extensive and should help answer some, if not all, of your questions. If you still have questions, please contact us. Enjoy your stay!

AI Admin
Email validation email issues fixed
The issue with receiving emails for validation have been identified and fixed You should now be able to validate you account ok
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Friday 17th October 2008
General: Long Time
After a long time behind the scenes, I thought it was time to start posting again.

Over the next few months there will be some changes made to the site to reinstate some of the modules. I've already started work on the story graphs which should be up to date within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Monday 4th December 2006
General: Secret Stalker
OK people Secret Stalker is back and better than ever! For the first time Stalker will be completely automated so attaining stalking status and actually stalking your inker will be easier than ever.

Sign up is until December 7th and if you miss it there are no second chances!

Head over to Sekkret Stalker 2006 for all the stalking fun! Don’t forget to check out the thread for all the important announcements!
Thursday 2nd March 2006
General: The Shortest Month of the Year…
…and the most hectic. It’s amazing what you can cram into a few days when you have to.

I‘ve noticed that the number of pageloads has gone up as have the number of reviews. Keep it up. Remember authors live for reviews (they’ve got to get something for their efforts don’t they? And since they’re not getting money…well you can see where this is going) Read and review as often as you can knowing that it will make an author happy (and possibly write more/faster)

That’s about all from me. And for those of you at school, have a good spring break!

Tuesday 31st January 2006
General: Long Time!
Hi everyone!

I hope your year has started off well. We've decided to welcome the New Year with a few changes. Ladysolo and I have gone through and condensed the forums so that they are easier to navigate and that there is less confusion about what goes where. The submissions guidelines have also undergone some change as have the FAQs.

The pager has also been reworked so that it now alerts you to how many new PMs, the number of tracked topic replies and how many new reviews you have received.

A new theme has been released and though it may be a bit sparse now, the 'Holiday' theme will soon have a number of different looks to suit different holidays.

You can expect more changes in the weeks to come, some big and some small, but hopefully it will all help make AI an even better place to be.

Monday 30th January 2006
General: Competition Info Updates
For those of you interested in the Graphic Competition, the info page has been updated. You have to create and Easter look for the new Holiday Theme. Entries must be completed and submitted by Easter. A discussion thread will be created in the forums for your questions and concerns. Please keep all contest discussions there to prevent redundant topics and to facilitate easier reference. More information will be posted as it becomes available.
Wednesday 25th January 2006
Additions: New Theme
The new holiday theme has been added together with an additional Christmas look that can be selected using your Theme Manager. Other holiday looks soon to come so you can give AI a festive look. This is now the default theme for the site.
Tuesday 24th January 2006
General: Forums Condensed
The forums have been condensed to make them easier to navigate and hopefully takes away the confusions about what posts go where. No topics have been deleted, they have just been reorganized. The forum rules have also been updated. Please check them out.
Sunday 22nd January 2006
General: Pager Updated
The pager has been redesigned and has had new functions added. It will now alert you when you get a pm, tracked topic replies, and (for authors) new review alerts and how many of each.
Friday 20th January 2006
General: Submission Guidelines Updated
Submissions guidelines have been updated. Please take a look if you plan on submitting stories.
Sunday 25th December 2005
General: Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

I hope that your holidays are a special one and wish you all the best in the New Year.
Monday 31st October 2005
Challenges: The 5 Ws - The Return
You can find the latest challenge here.
Monday 31st October 2005
General: Busy, Busy, Busy
Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween, I know we did.

Just a few things to say today.

An announcement about the graphics contest. Due to lack of time I’ve decided to push the contest back a little. I have had very little time of late and with Christmas coming up I don’t think I will be able to devote enough time to it creating the template for the contest. To leave things any later wouldn’t be fair to the contestants. I’ll try to get the template done for January and the contest will then run until Easter. Many apologies.

Since there seem to be quite a few people who are still bewildered by the story manager, I’ve made a post that I hope will be helpful for some entitled ‘Beautifying Your Stories’. Hopefully this will help bring about better looking stories. If there are other questions about the site you’d like to see answered in a post such as this, let me know.

Other than that, I’m glad to see the quality of story submissions as well as reviews left rising. Keep it up!

I hope you all have a great November!

Friday 30th September 2005
Challenges: Point of Deja Vu
Ladysolo has taken her first stab at writing a challenge. Check it out here
Friday 30th September 2005
General: Another Quick Month
Who else thought that September just flew by? It seems to have gone with a blink of the eye.

I hope everyone has settled well after the summer. Things on my end are going well. I’m getting a lot of writing and reading done as the finish line for the DIY from Hell is finally in view.

Ladysolo has decided to take a stab at writing a challenge this month. I hope you decide to give it a try. I know I will. Check below for more details.

There have been a lot more good reviews left this month than I can remember. Keep it up! Authors thrive on reviews!

For the first time in a long while, we’ve been able to keep the story submission queue at zero. If you want to get your story in and evaluated in lightning time, send it in now! Remember the fewer errors we find, the sooner your work gets posted at the site. Help us help you, send in your best possible work. For those of you who are unsure how to post, please check the ‘Submission Guidelines’ and the ‘Site Help’ pages. It’s not that complicated, I swear.

I would also like to remind people that when you email any of the staff to mention your username and detail your problem as best you can. It’s very difficult to pinpoint problems as well as try to figure out who you are and if it becomes too hard, you will not get a reply. Check the site help to find out which staff member addresses what.

And finally, the details for the Graphics Competition have been released. The details can be found below and in the ‘Competition’ section of the site.

That’s all from me.
Wednesday 31st August 2005
General: From The Depths of DIY Hell
You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been around a lot lately. My husband and I got roped into helping his parents remodel their house and it’s been an absolute nightmare right from the beginning. The worse thing is that there are no signs of it ending any time soon.

I have finally had the time to sift through the songfics and write the new code for what I had to do. All the fics that had lyrics left in them were removed. Unfortunately in the move some of the stories lost their summaries and authors will have to add them again. Please check your stories to make sure that nothing is amiss. Let me know if anything is wrong.

The thoughts of the Admins, Mods and I are with all of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. I urge everyone to help anyway they can. Everyone is affected by this tragedy. Please give.

American Red Cross
Monday 29th August 2005
General: Last seen timeout errors
Well the timeout errors appears to be fixed, many thanks to those who sent me screenshots and info, I was able to identify the problem and apply a fix.

For those who are technically minded and would like to know what the problem was, it only occurred when the next visitor was off the site for exactly an hour, the minutes were not being reset to zero so the last visitor's minutes were used.
Sunday 31st July 2005
General: End of the Month
Hello Inkers,

I think that's the first time I've ever called the members that. Anyway, sorry about the late newsletter. It was our wedding anniversary yesterday and since it was the first one we've remembered since we got married, we decided to spend it away from the computers.

It's been a busy month. The most noticeable change you will see is that AI will not longer accept or post songfics. We have decided to remove all stories with lyrics written in them. Authors have been given until August 14, 2005 to remove any and all lyrics from their works or the stories will be removed. So far the response has been positive and I thank their authors for their understanding and cooperation.

The rating system on the site is going to be changed as well. The new system will be implemented shortly along with my usual explanation of things. Please bear with me as I change the system. It was never created with change in mind. There is a lot of code to go through.

That's about all from me.

Sunday 31st July 2005
Challenges: New Challenge
The latest challenge is 'Star Struck'. You can find it here

Have fun!
Wednesday 27th July 2005
General: Songfic Removal
All songfics are going to be removed from the site due to the recording industry clamping down on the use of lyrics. So today I will be removing all songfics from the site to protect the authors and the site from garnering fines.
Thursday 30th June 2005
Challenges: New Challenge
Crystal_Rose has issued a new challenge called 'The Flipside'

Check it out here
Friday 24th June 2005
General: Side Scrolling Chapters
The chapter list in stories has been modified to stop the annoying side scrolling for stories with numerous chapters. It now hides unecessary chapters with '...'.
Tuesday 31st May 2005
General: A Quiet Month
Hi everyone.

Well as you can see this month not much was done by way of updating the site. Real life has taken over with a vengeance leaving little time to work on AI.

However there were quite a few new stories and chapters for you to enjoy.

For those waiting for a response about their submissions, I ask for a little patience as the other admins and I catch up with what I call the 'After Finals Rush' Every year there is a lull in submissions leading up to final exams and then right afterwards there is a flood of submissions that swamps the queue. It may take us a little longer than usual to evaluate stories, but we will get to them.

Also, I wanted to mention that this site is here to help promote writing skills so please when you are writing on the site (ie in the forums, reviews, and most importantly story submissions!) please try to type legibly. Riting lik dis dUsEnT hlp u ne and it drives me crazy. No one will take your forum post/review/story seriously and in the latter case, will get your story rejected.

With the influx of new members on the site I would like remind everyone that the Site Help section is there to help. If you cannot find the answer there, then there is always the Helpdesk section of the forum to ask your question. If you are shy and would rather discuss things privately, an admin is always willing to help. But please, please be polite. Rudeness is not tolerated on this site and will most often result in the offender’s account being disabled.

On a brighter note the site now has over 1000 stories in the archive and the 10 millionth page load is looming closer.

Thanks to our members and regular visitors for making the site such a success.

That’s all from me.

Tuesday 31st May 2005
Challenges: New Challenge
The latest challenge is 'Once upon a what?'. You can find it here

Have fun!
Saturday 30th April 2005
Challenges: New Challenge
The latest challenge is 'The 5 Ws Redux'. You can find it here

Have fun!
Monday 11th April 2005
Additions: My Theme & My Images
A new theme has been released called 'MyTheme'. As time progresses you'll have more control over how you want your theme to look. At the moment you are able to upload a background image of your choice using the other new feature 'My Images'.

'My Images' is an image manager where you can upload a selection of personal images into different categories. More information about the categories can be found on the 'My Images' page and in the Site Help.

There are strict policies about the images you can upload. As usual no pornography, or obscene images. If you feel that you have to ask about your image, chances are it's not acceptable. Any unacceptable images found will be deleted without warning.
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