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AriasInk Module
The AriasInk Module is a downloadable program designed to directly interface with the AriasInk Website. Any stories that are 'AIMod Downloadable' will be instantly available for download to your local PC using the AIModule, these stories will then remain on your local PC until you delete them.

Once stories are downloaded to your local PC you do not have to be connected to the internet to read them, you just select the desired story via the AIModule Interface.

As soon as new stories or chapters are made available on the website that are 'AIMod Downloadable' they can be downloaded via the Interface. If a story is removed from the website or its 'AIModule Downloadable' Status is removed it will remain on your local PC until you delete it. In some cases the Story may be Deleted by the Module.

All the stories and chapters that are downloaded with AIModule are stored in an Encoded state in a local directory and cannot be read by other applications. This directory can be backed up or saved to disc, and if desired, Re-Imported into the AIModule Interface without the need to Re-Download.

If a story or chapter is modified the new version will be available instantly for download. Also if a story or chapter becomes corrupt this can also be Re-Downloaded into the AIModule Interface.

All AI Authors have the option to Activate or De-Activate the AIModule in their respective stories. Once activated the entire story will be available for download, any new chapters that are added will be available instantly.

All Published stories will still be available on the website whether the stories AIModule Status is active or not. All stories still belong to their respective authors.

The AIModule will be available free to download. Its availability will be in the form of a Windows Installable Package. You will need a supported version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System to be able to use AIModule.

Stage : Preliminary Release

Availability : Members Only

Price : Free

OS Supported : Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP.

The AIModule is only available from this website. Do Not download or Install any version of this Software found outside of the 'Downloads Section' of this website.

Activating the AIModule for your story gives AI the right to allow its use for download. All ownership rights are still retained by the author(s).

Information Window
Displays Information as to the Current Status/Progress of the Module.

Local Database
Displays the list of all the stories you currently have stored on your computer. These stories are accessible regardless of if you are connected to the Internet. This is known as the 'Offline' Database.

Request Database
Displays the list of all the stories currently available for Download from the Website. These are stories you don't have on your computer.. This is known as the 'Online' Database.

Displays the AIModule Configuration Settings. This is where you get your KeyCode.

Minimizes the AIModule, Scheduled Downloads will continue while in this state. Click on Dock/UnDock to Return.

Tray Icon
Minimizes the AIModule to the Tray, Scheduled Downloads will continue while in this state. Click on the Tray Icon to Return.

This will close the AIModule.

This will dock & undock the windows, whilst the windows are docked they all move together.

Using the AIModule
The First time you start the AIModule it will present you with a KeyCode, this KeyCode must be entered under your profile to enable the Module's Use. Once you have Entered your KeyCode the Website will Generate a Token for you Computer. This Token is then collected by the AIModule upon Connection.

Now Click on REQUEST, This will connect you to the website and Collect the Online Database, once collected it will open the Download Interface.

Select an Author from the DTL Data 1 Window, this will display the Selected Authors Stories in the DTR Data 1 Window. Multiple Authors can be Selected and Displayed, You may need to scroll down the list to see all the Available Authors. DoubleClick the Desired Stories from the DTR Data 1 Window, this will then Schedule a Download and add the story to Download Queue, the progress can then be observed in the DTR Data 2 Window.

Once a story is Downloaded you can read it, Click the DBASE button to display the Stories in the Local Database. Click on an Author in the DTL Data 2 Window, the stories you have downloaded for that author will appear in the DTR Data 2 Window. Select the Story you want to read, This will Display the list of Downloaded Chapters in the DTL Data 1 Window, Select the Chapter you want to read and the chapter will de displayed in the DTR Data 1 Window.

Check the FAQ's and Forums for more Information.
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