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Story: Against All Odds
Posted on Wednesday March 31, 2004 at 09:11 by Dejana
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Members Stories Main Characters: Mamoru/Darien, Usagi/Serena

Genre: Angst, Drama, General, Romance

Rated: PG13
Status: Completed

A Silver Millennium story. A twist of fate casts Endymion as a stable boy working as a servant in the Moon Castle, where he meets the Princess by chance. With Serenity engaged to another man, can the miracle romance triumph over the barriers of class and nobility?

Number of Chapters: 20          Total Size: 1,123k          Word Count: 197,466

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Anonymous - Wednesday December 12, 2007 at 04:42
Dear child Endymion, he who becomes a man and more to follow, prologue brought tears and joy to the heart, I love your writing-thank-you
DaBlackRose - Thursday November 15, 2007 at 02:28
Okay, wow. This is actually the first time i've ever read this. I know, i know, i'm behind. really behind.

but dude, WOW. Talk about the ultimate Romeo and Juliet perfectly combined with Sailor Moon. It was heartbreaking. Regardless of my organic chemistry test, i found myself running to a computer every chance i got. It has been QUITE a long time since I've found a story that was capable of that much intrigue.

Tragedy always gets me. I try to never read/watch it but when I do there is something so bittersweet that sticks with me more so than happy endings. Especially when the happy endings were earned. This was a perfect marriage of the happy but not so happy end. Bravo.

i wish i could say something no one else has, but i'm afraid i don't have that much creativity.

I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving the fandom, we are losing a fantastic author. I hope you still remember us if you ever go get anything published.... we'll always welcome you back if you feel the need.
Anonymous - Wednesday November 14, 2007 at 17:58
Great story. I liked the way it ended...but it does make me sad.
MG - Thursday November 08, 2007 at 00:20
Damn...the more I think about it, the more p****d off I am about how things went down....I want retribution! LOL. The scouts(Mars and Jupiter) should have to feel the weight of their actions...Artemis too! Now i wonder, just how long does Mamoru think he can keep this a secret if it obviously weighs on his heart. With time Usagi will know him better and maybe she'll notice that acts differently in front of them?? it asking too much? Alright fine...I'll try to let it go..."try"...being the operative word...It's Just Not Fair! ::MG stomps off...
rainbabie - Wednesday November 07, 2007 at 18:08
This is such a great story! I'm sad/glad to see it end. Glad because - I love completed stories. Sad because now I have to find another story to follow. I like the twist to the ending but find it depressing since Usagi will never be loved 100% because of a forgotten past - and she will never know. Thanks for such a well written story. The ending was totally unexpected.
penguin264 - Monday November 05, 2007 at 00:32
Honest to god, I am in tears right now. The long awaited ending is as beautiful as it is devastating. Your interpretation for the reason behind the coldness and distance seen in the anime Mamoru is amazing. This story has truly been worth the wait. I send all the muses in the world to you, in an effort to inspire and ignite your continued genius. Good luck in your future writings.
MG - Sunday November 04, 2007 at 21:04
You know, there are a lot of stories that I have read where I finish reading them and for me the end of the book is the end and don't feel the need to pick it back up again. But your story is one of the few that went beyond that. I found myself completely lost and even when it was over I kept going back and rereading favorite lines or favorite scenes (of which there were several). I also kept turning various parts over and over in my head. Did I mention that I read the story straight through for the first time pretty much from Friday evening and most of Saturday? It was really powerful. The ending was unsettling, good, but unsettling. Sometimes unsettling is a good thing. After feeling so powerfully connected to the passion and love between the main characters it put me in a place where I could truly understand how Endymion felt in the Epilogue about losing Serenity, even though he had gained Usagi. It really wasn't the same. They had gone through so much and the woman he was reborn with would never be able to truly understand the depth of his love for the woman she used to be. The fact that in taking her memories away, never to be returned, QSerenity pretty much left her incomplete, therefore turning her into a different person. How sad to know that he would have to forever keep that to himself. Not to mention everything the fact that he remembered everything that they had all gone through, his interaction w/ 2 of the SS, his interaction w/ Artemis...hell, I'd be p****d as all hell if I remembered all of that. Then the fact that he unknowingly killed his own brother...Really sad. My only critique of your story is in regards to some structure issues that I found slightly annoying. The only reason that I even mention them is because mentioning that i had some issues with your story really puts into perspective just how much I loved your story. So much so that I don't think it really worth the time to go into the details of it (unless u seriously want to In fact, so negligible that in the grand scheme of things I really don't give a damn about them. Good weaving. I know that most people say good work, but I think Good weaving is more appropriate here. So, good weaving, I think I'll definitely be checking more of your stories as a break from my studies....though I have to say, after reading Against All Odds, I'm concerned that your stories may actually be "too much" of a distraction. Spending an entire day reading when I have a mound of school work to do is not a good
Anonymous - Friday November 02, 2007 at 21:09
Oh. My. Godness.

I can't even begin to describe how fabulously spun this story is. I never expected this kind of ending. I loved EVERY moment of it. I would read it all again if I had the time. An amazing ride: this story is one for the archives to forever be read by future SM ff writers. Amazing, wonderously amazing work. You have real talent, my dear! God bless! :)
Moon_bunny - Friday November 02, 2007 at 13:33
In all honesty… this is my favorite Silver Millennium story. It fits so well with the actual plot in the series.

Your writing has left me relatively speechless.

~^Bows down to you^~

All I can say is that I'll keep on working hard, and if one day I am able to produce something that is at least half as good as this story, I would be more than satisfied.

Keep up the amazing work...

~ Moon_Bunny ♥
Loki - Friday November 02, 2007 at 07:55
The Eternal magical Ginzuishou shines through this story from start to end.

Often when we read a story, it takes us on a journey of twists and turns, of highs and lows, of surprise and welcome familiarity, Against All Odds was this and more.

If you are new to this story and have never read it, or glympsed the last chapters, please, go back to the very beginning and start the journey as it will leave you breathless, inspired, enchanted and changed.

One of the many striking things about Dejana's writings is its lavish beauty and elegance, the words weave the character's mystique, charm and poise, strength courage and have giving us a stream of imaginative subplots, and echoes of the Manga, of Anime, and of the quintessential Sailor Moon, the love of story craft and the dedication skill and determinination of the internet's -- I think -- easily one of the best writers of the genre to emerge in a decade.

You personify all there is to strive for in our writing, a shining example of the intricacy of word-smithing and you made us luagh, held us on the end of a series of wonderful cliffhanging, swept us away with every majestic scen, the Moon, the LLunarian sea, the vast crystal dome, the glittering celestial citadel, the gorgeous gardens and settings, the vista of Terra and the power of its peoples.

The subplots, the intrigue, suspense, the betrayals, the brutal darkness of the human heart and the criy of victory of darkness, this in contrast to the passion of the light, the strength of love and the sacrifices made in its name.

The story shows us how a dream is born within, as part of us, despite our stations in life, there is something noble and something profoundly haunting about the contradiction that is the human spirit, and in Sailor Moon, she embraces that power, she accepts the duty of the heart as opposed to the duty of power, and by doing so, love becomes the true power and forges the strongest warriors.

The world of Beryl's dark magic, Metallia's evil and rapacious ambitions, the twisted duplicity of the Terran Kings as they're ripped from their loyalty to their leige, the realization that struggle is as the sand is to the forging of the luminous pearl, this has it all and more.

A diamond fashioned in the fiery heart of the imagination, lovingly tended by the muses of Lady Dejana's unquestionable talent. If flaws there are, these are insignificant in the end, the foam of the seas, the asemmetry of the seasons, these are the depths of the crystal that in the light of the moon and stars over all shine resplendent. Against All Odds is a testament to the art of loving what you write and by loving it, it is part of you as a reader and I have no doubt Dej, you feel that, too.

Thank you for the last four years of one of the most amazing adventure/love classics in my view , and I am sure many would agree, ever penned - typed.

Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your magic into the future, but AAO lives forever as does the shimmering silvery crystal we know as the Ginzuishou!

Salutations and all the best in future projects <3 Loki and Kat
angeleyes13 - Thursday November 01, 2007 at 00:20
Excellent, excellent excellent. I am waiting for the epilogue with tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!
angeleyes13 - Sunday October 28, 2007 at 21:43
Its really great!!! i love it so far.. (i'm still on chapter 6 but i'm gonna finish reading the rest tomorrow!)
The detail, romance and plot is lovely!!
Loki - Friday October 26, 2007 at 18:50
Drama and tragedy in a blazing chreshendo!

WISE critique: this chapter had everything -- pathos, drama, romance, horror, struggle, bravery and more, I admire your story telling ability and always have.

Flaws were few, and as I did notice some, I think these easily remedied. firstly, the dreaded punctuation multiples, grammar-wise X ?! X was the only really structural problem in dialogue. tagging and your brilliant vocabulary is more than sufficient to not rely upon these incorrect forms of punctuation, Affect is always conveyed more effectively through language and you have the skill to pull it off without resorting to these devices. The capitalizing of words as well, and the odd typo, these are incidental flaws easily tweaked. But that was it. In every other way, this was superb and skilfully written.


The lavish descriptions of the Lunarian capital and the attacks from Metallia's dark power was truly potent, the sense of darkness, pure evil and the rapacious images of the Dark Generals was spine chilling and gave the reader a vivid picture of horror and the deadly forces Queen Serenity and her people faced.

Characterisation, again here, you displayed an amazing ability to get into the heads of your characters, to make them live and breathe, to feel the body physical so wonderfully portrayed was incredibly well done and placed the reader in that body POV.

Endy, his realization of his new power, the way he rose to his legacy, The reaction to his dark brother's crimes, the battle and the blood oath, the magical sword and armor -- fantastic and amidst all this, the action, tension, drama and pathos was pure genius.

The struggles of the Senshi, their battles, (both inner and outer) the scene with Venus and her Love Chain, the sword, that was amazing!

Mercury, her resolve in the basement of the palace, the earthquakes, or 'moonquakes' and the atmospherics throughout were remarkable to say the least! *bows*

The Lunarian guardians, I always love Luna and Artemis -- the power of the images, the eyes, the symbols, the Jasmine and roses, the contrast of purity of spirit and love, how these can become dappled, how death, love and sacrifice and eternity are spirals of contradiction, preparing a circle of light and shadow, where beauty and horror stand as uneasy allies in their goal, yet, in life and death, one is noble and the other folly.

Reading Pleasure 100%

Grammar and punctuation, 85%

Over-all, this chapter was a deep psychological tapestry as much as it was an exercise in writing magic and story craft! *hands you a glowing Ginzuishou, a sword and a rose and bows*
starryice18 - Friday December 01, 2006 at 19:54
Great job!! Please update again soon!! :)
Loki - Thursday November 30, 2006 at 15:01
Oh wow, I am totally lost for words, this was so fantastic and tragic, you are indeed the queen of SM fan fiction!

WISE, I was firmly in the palm of your hand, a humble servant of your muse. If I ever read anything so powerful, so compelling, so filled with passion and angst and magic of dark and light so beautifully told, then I have certainly read it now with this superb story... No words can convey how much I love this chapter and the story over-all!

The power of the images you use, the overwhelming skyscapes, the opening mystical scenes as a winged being visits Endy, the flight to the palace, Artemis bearing witness to the battle between the s**tennou, the armor scene, the meeting of lives across the gulf of time, life and death, I felt the movement of emotions again, the same potent touch, gentle and yet sad and memorable as I had with As In Autumn,and so much more -- as mother and son stand at the threshold of eternity. Yes, it was magnificent and in the classic Dejana style, a cliff-hanger, too!

The characters are so real, dialogue fabulous, the action, suspense and pathos -- perfection! *hands you a glowing silvery-pink crescent wand and a silver pen and bows* L.
coloco - Thursday November 30, 2006 at 13:19
I love this story. Thank you.
Bakayaro - Thursday November 30, 2006 at 03:14
Oh what a wonderful chapter! It's so sad that the king and queen died without even knowing their son. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Tess - Thursday November 30, 2006 at 01:58
Amazing, as usual :)
XxMelaxX - Tuesday November 28, 2006 at 01:58
Oh please finish soon. I am dying to know! AHHH I love you! I love the way your story puts me on the edge every after chapter!!! I could not stop myself from reading,please I need to know what happens! You're an amazing writer. Keep it up!
Clara_Destine - Thursday November 23, 2006 at 00:12
This is one of the best fanfictions I have ever had the great pleasure to read. For any show, book, manga, or movie, and not just Sailor Moon.

I loved almost everything about my reading experience; From the writing style itself to the character portrayal and development. What's best about it all is that it's entirely believable, and I felt the characters were kept in character. I really commend you on that aspect; especially on the portrayal of Endymion and Princess Serenity.

I think what I love most is just the story itself. Stablehand, unbeknownst to himself and everyone else, really the Prince his forbidden beloved is betrothed to... *sigh* (The exile chapter was phenominal!)

Something I wanted to particularly thank you for, is how you explain/portray Endymion and Serenity's relationship as being emotional, physical and spiritual. Many people leave out the spiritual/"supernatural" dimension, or don't pull it off; but you covered them so, so well... Being well acquainted with the ideas and descriptions you used, I was very, very pleased with your execution! It warmed my heart ^_^

Thank you so much for this riveting, heartfelt story. I eargerly await future chapters, but don't want to rush you :)

StarzAngelus - Wednesday November 22, 2006 at 00:10
WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! After spending HOURS reading this, getting a headache in the process, I must say: IT WAS WORTH IT. Very good story, Miss Dejana. Exquisitely detailed, paced wonderfully, excellent.

You have me on the edge of my seat! More, more! Please??!!
Kimmi-Chan - Monday November 20, 2006 at 03:39
Oh my dear goodness, one more chapter to go? Dejana you are on a roll --you're soo close to finishing! *waves flags and pom poms*

I really like how you ended this chapter, Serenity and Prince Endymion were at least on good terms. The exchange in mutal understanding and him leaving for Earth was actually very powerful.

Poor Venus, I hope things look up for her. The one who really fought for the Princess got the dungeon =(. I will admit that I had a hard time getting through this chapter, Serenity's self pity and emty-shell persona was just a bit repetitive. BUT, I love seeing this vulnerable side to Queen Serenity. The scene with Luna was very well-done --a little foreshadowing hmmm?

Ack, I'm too excited! One more chapter!
Bakayaro - Saturday November 18, 2006 at 21:59
Ahh how wonderful. I really liked this chapter, I can't quite explain why though. If you were to estimate, would you say this chapter is close to the ending? I'm so happy that the prince has come to an understanding with Serenity. :)
Pure_Crystallization - Saturday November 18, 2006 at 00:18
Another wonderful installment!
I love you you've portraied the rift between the soliders. It feels very real to see how their different personalities ant the struggles they are going through affect their relationships with one another.
I can't wait for the next update! once again wonderful job
CosmicAngel - Friday November 17, 2006 at 22:45
ahh love it! ahh adore it!!! drive me crazy! thats what im talkin bout dejana!
Loki - Friday November 17, 2006 at 18:50
This was sheer magnificence

WISE, the more I read, the more I feel as if I am actually in a lavish and incredible realm, it is more than just your average fan fiction, it is, the foundation stone and the apex of any great fan fiction, Sailor Moon magic at its best. I have praised your work before Dejana, and I will continue to do so, and why? Because you are the best, the best at weaving a powerful tapestry of images, characters that have both the depth and complexity of real breathing people, and all the vulnerabilities that go towards creating their potency and presence. They are alive.

The plot is clasic, the themes and your narrative style take us through stunning scenes and landscapes, a selection of story magic and each chapter is rich with exciting and disturbing events that shape the characters lives we so love and are in a heartbeat standing right beside when we read. This is my experience.

If a classic all-time standard is to be set to show what a fine piece of writing is, and how to best portray a Sailor Moon story, then you, Lady Dejana have it down pat. precision in writing skill, creative genius and how you play the heart strings and move us with the ups and downs of the characters.

You are number one in my book, and a perfect model for young and emergent writers to develop their own skills, there are others that can do this, but their is only one Dejana, and 6wI and I am sure anyone reading your magnificent work would agree, we are honored to have you! Well done and loving every moment with our fave prince and princess! Take a bow, Lady Dejana! *hands you a basket of Moon Roses and a crescent Moon Wand and crystal pen and bows*
Rae - Monday November 06, 2006 at 19:18
EXECELLENT story sometimes a litle too long for my short attention span but i loved your story i cant wait for more please keep up the good work :)
Anonymous - Saturday November 04, 2006 at 06:16
I like how there's two Against All Odds being updated right now when a month ago I hadn't heard of either of them. They are both very different and very good. Keep up the good work.
spud - Saturday November 04, 2006 at 04:36
Wow...I have been following this story for so long! I love it! Please let Beryl and Endymion (the second son) get together, and let Beryl eventually not be evil...PLEASE?!?!? I can't WAIT for the Earth Queen to realise Endymion is her hinted it would happen, but it still hasn't, and I'm dying to see it happen! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let that happen soon, coz it just seems to be dragging that on, and nothing big seems to be happening-the queen NEEDS to find Endymion! Sorry...I'm raving and ranting, but I really want that to happen, and I so badly want a happy ending, coz I know people say happy endings are cliched, but nobody even uses happy endings anymore, and unhappy endings are becoming cliched! I love your story and I can't WAIT for the next chapter to come out. Thanks...
kasumi - Saturday November 04, 2006 at 04:31
Ahhhh so sad! I love the way you write emotions. I feel them so strongly. Except for one awkward paragraph, I was extremely impressed by the love scene. That aside, I think your plot development is brilliant. Those black bruises on the sea could turn out to be quite interesting... :o) I do love epics. Anyway, I hope Endy's identity is unveiled SOON, but not after Beryl's had her fun, of course.
Loki - Friday November 03, 2006 at 03:14
Oh, what a powerful chapter

WISE: I could only find one flaw, (!?) a common grammatical -puncttuation error, but easily fixed.

As for the over-all chapter and its narrative style, it flowed beautifully. structurally it was magnificent. The affect was electric, the emotional heights you reached were incredible and drew me in.

I felt for them both and felt a tear or two pricking the corners of my eyes, as you so often evoke in the reader.

Serenity and Endymion and their reunion was everything -- and more than I could have hoped to find in a Dejana classic -- Serenity and her passion, matching his with fiery intensity, the lavish setting from their vantage points in the Central Gardens, and later, the reactions of the parting lovers as choices were dealt with on the spur of a heartwrenching moment. The scenery was breathtaking, the images of darkness -- emerging black stone outcrops on the horizon -- these sent shudders down my spine and were truly haunting images.

The people of Earth and the way you portrayed them came across as so wonderfully done. Beryl, as always, her hateful self, a dark mage, love this image.

The reaction to what her Senshi had done to Endy was awesome, and conveyed all the rage of Serenity; I could feel it also after reading this.

World building and visual landscape, the suspense, the flight the vulnerability, the pathos, it is all here!

Once again, brilliantly done, just a little tweak and it will be the icing on what is otherwise a most delicious cake!

Congrats on another intricate piece of writing, Lady Dejana.

*hands you a Lunarian rose and bows* L.
Critika - Thursday November 02, 2006 at 16:48
Chapter 14 was very well done. Your characters have taken on a depth that is rarely found in the fanfic world. Serenity is truly the princess who is torn between duty and love. She isn't just a shallow princess who's bored with life. She observes the suffering around her and feels pain knowing that her marriage will help alleviate it; she is probably also feeling guilt over not being able to use the crystal to promote the well-being of her people.

Also, not that I like their separation, but Endy's rejection of Serenity's idea of togetherness shows that he's becoming the prince that he is. He's character shows someone who has truly matured and grown beyond his upbringing.

Finally, I have to give you high points for originality. Serenity and her guardians don't have the unconditional love that most stories portray. Artemis also has a real role in the story rather than being Mina's cat. This story truly portrays the complexity of politics, friendship and love.

I hope your frequent updates continue.
CosmicAngel - Thursday November 02, 2006 at 16:24
yea! sooo good!!!! i swear endymion better start being recognized as somethin more than a damn stable hand, but oh soo good!! keep up the GREAT work!
cosmoscrystal - Thursday November 02, 2006 at 00:44
Uummmmm . . .Wow! You took my breath away! This chapter was wonderful and yet, sad. Detail -- excellent. Writing style -- fabulous. Storyline -- superb. Can't wait until the next update. This story rocks! Hugs!
AriallaZarinth - Wednesday November 01, 2006 at 22:32
Another excellent chapter, all good, but I especially loved the exchange between Talma and Serenity at the end, the common Earth perception and interaction with the Moon Princess. Wonderful, I can't wait 'til the next chapter
kasumi - Monday October 23, 2006 at 03:02
Huh. I like this chapter. You've given all the characters equal attention. You've captured their emotions beautifully. I especially like your characterization of Beryl; I've never seen her presented in this light before, and it's extremely refreshing! Amazingly, though, she hasn't lost the part of her personality that makes her Beryl. Also, I love the dimension you've given Kunzite and Mina's relationship. It's nice to read a story in which the Sailors and Endy's Generals don't all blandly fall in love at first sight. Keep up the good work with Jadeite and Rei! I don't think it's just carnal attraction between them; I think there's something darker and more dangerous to Jadeite, and I hope you capitalize on that. Lastly, the ending is an interesting turn of events. I look forward to the next installation. :o)
kasumi - Monday October 09, 2006 at 04:29
Ooohhh... very good chapter :o) I've been anticipating this update for a long time. Let me guess: the character peeking from behind the curtains is Beryl or some Beryl-equivalent, right?
Loki - Saturday October 07, 2006 at 05:36
Charmed as always Lady Dejana, you are an amazing writer

WISE: what else can I say, the characterisation in the 11th and 12th chapters has driven the narrative to a new height of intrigue and excitement, the princess propelled by the power of love that will not be denied, brilliant! I love how Artemis keeps a watchful eye on the princess, and the waiting in the wings of another protagonist, has me on the edge of my seat.

The princess demonstrates strength and passion, her emotions are the fuel that ignite the courage she must draw upon to follow through on her plan. Tension between mother and daughter, electric and has me hooked, great job as always... Oh mistress of amazing SM fan fiction! *hands Lady Dejana a bunch of soft white Moon Roses and crystal pen and bows* L.
Bakayaro - Friday October 06, 2006 at 03:06
Oh it's been so long since you've posted a chapter. I thought that you were going to post all the chapters at once? By the way, chapter 12 was wonderful. I missed Endy though.
CosmicAngel - Friday October 06, 2006 at 01:34
Wow! One of my favorites! So good! SO ANGSTY! I could cry. That scene with Serenity flipping out in the teleportation room was amazing. So great! Wonderful to see the update. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous - Thursday October 05, 2006 at 20:47
Kimmi-Chan - Thursday October 05, 2006 at 15:37
what is this? Another chapter? Do my eyes decieve me!?

Wonderfully done, the beginning to chapter 12 was wonderful. Serenity wanting to teleport, her screaming, her throwing a fit --it showed how desperate she was to get Endymion back.

Although I found it disheartening to find not a single trace of Endymion, I was curious to know what happened to him (although nice touch with the Queen being sick, it was a good reference to the ending of chapter 11).

The scouts dancing with the generals seemed a bit dull, but I understand how necessary it was to incorporate it. There needs to be some sort of foundation built between the two teams.

Oh and the ending to this chapter was a nice twist. I see you haven't lost your touch for suspense. Keep up the great work, can't belive there's only 4 chapters left to this story!
galena_steel - Wednesday March 22, 2006 at 11:30
Absolutely amazing. You have a real talent for developing characters and making them come alive in a reader's mind. I love it. I also adore your ability to world-build. You can tell alot of effort and thought has gone into this but you keep the world where it belongs - in the background. Please continue - this story is too good to leave unfinished forever.
Anonymous - Thursday October 13, 2005 at 21:15
Your story is sooooo good.I love it. PLEASE hurry and finish it soon.
xMoon_Princessx - Thursday September 01, 2005 at 01:57
OMG!!! u r SOOOO talented!!! i cried when i read the scene from that night in the garden!!! *sniff* so beautiful...u jus HAVE TO finish it!!!!!!!!! pleeeeez!!! im beggin u!!! *sniff* im such sap for these sad stories...
kasumi - Wednesday August 31, 2005 at 14:47
Come on, Dejana! Don't leave us hanging forever!! This story is sooo good it needs to be finished!!! Please?!
Mattie - Monday June 20, 2005 at 22:20
aw man, I just read this again. I know I'm being impatient and probably annoying, but I really hope there is going to be more to this. You are such an amazing story teller. Their pain is so real and I ache for everything to work out.

Soon? Please?
truecolor - Monday May 23, 2005 at 23:34
oh! please please please continue! i am dying with expectation!
Mattie - Monday April 25, 2005 at 17:27
I joined this site to tell you how much I loved this story. Beyond being one of the most well written romances I have read, it is also one of the best stories dealing with responsibility and sacrifice. I can't wait to see how this all plays out and I really hope you write more soon!

Tess - Tuesday March 22, 2005 at 23:10

All I can say is "wow"! This story is absolutely amazing. I really got into the characters' minds. The last few chapters have been so heart-wrenching! I'm excited to see how the story will unfold. You're an excellent writer. Never stop what you're doing! I can't wait for the next chapter!
ImLovinIt74 - Wednesday March 09, 2005 at 03:54
The range of emotion in this story is amazing. I can't believe how realistic the relationship between Endymion and Serenity is. I am so happy that we are finally seeing endymion return to Earth and he is well on the road to becoming the prince we all know and love. Can't wait for the next chapter!
sugarlily - Tuesday March 08, 2005 at 04:06
Woah! I've finally gotten the time to finish Chapter 11. All your chapters are amazing. I get so absorbed in each chapter. Your descriptions just pull me right into the plot. You have true talent! I can't wait for the next installment!
Kimmi-Chan - Sunday February 27, 2005 at 19:03
Wow. This is definitely by far your best written chapter (ch.11)! Nicely crafted, with little error and the emotions displayed left me in tears. I can't wait for the next installment.
moonflower - Saturday February 26, 2005 at 16:22
After being kind of behind with this fic, I'm finally caught up again. There really isn't anything to critique except to say that you're doing a fantastic job with the whole story. Every detail and emotion is brilliantly captured in words that I'm completely entranced by the whole plot. You're really going on a journey with both Endymion and Serenity as you experience the highs and lows of their forbidden romance. I was close to tears during the saddest scenes in your story. The one that really got to me was the separation of Endymion and Serenity. But like someone said, your latest chapter brought hope for Endymion and Serenity. You know you're reading a great story when it moves your readers' hearts in a way you can't even imagine.
Isy - Saturday February 26, 2005 at 06:19
man chapter 11 is soooo heart retching. its so sad and yet there's hope now!!!!! this is getting better and better. i love the realistic views of queen serenity, the responsiblities and duties of a monarch, and i also love that whole scene of endy and sere gettin caught till endy waking up on earth. that was a tear jerker. arghhh update soon. What will the queen of earth do?!?!?!??!!?!?1
Critika - Friday February 25, 2005 at 21:03
Chapter 11 was fantastic like all the rest before it! I was glued to my seat and almost afraid to breathe while I was reading the emotion and feeling that you've put into the story. I know that good writing like this takes time; I just hope for my sake you're able to release the next chapter quickly! I'll be waiting.
lacyloss - Friday February 25, 2005 at 11:33
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I found it very interesting that the moment Endymion was on Earth, his power woke up. The dream he had of himself in the future, I am just waiting for everything to fall perfectly into place. Plus a mother always knows her child, I can't wait for that reunion. All in all I found this chapter to be well written and deliciously long. The longer the chapter, the more yummy it is. (I'm not hungry as I write this I swear!) Please keep up the great work, and I will be here to read the next chapter once you have it out.

Fushigi Hime :)
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You're one of those people gifted to touch hearts through story, a most precious gift,

thankyou for giving me a magic moment, once more. *hands you a basket of blood red roses and bows* Loki ^_^
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kasumi - Tuesday December 28, 2004 at 02:27
Cute story! I really love it. It's got a good combination of angst, irony, and nonexplicit romance. Plus you managed to make it so authentic to the Silver Millenium setting; all the vernacular and items were very convincing, not an anchronism in sight! Kudos to you! And even though I've never taken a writing course and don't know much about the technicalities of fiction, I have a feeling your plot development is pretty good. I mean, it's held my interest this long! Keep up the good work - I can't wait for your next chapter.
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I cannot wait for the next. I'm curious to see how "Endou" will reveal his true name, and how Serenity will react to his not being completely open with her. I'm also waiting for "Endou" & "Prince Endymion"'s first meeting! Keep up the wonderful work!
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The romance is interesting to me, too, mostly because of how well you show that Endou and Serenity have different motivations and goals, and that each of them has their own set of problems and obstacles. It really reminds me what a miracle love can be: to bring together two people who are only trying to navigate their own troubles and then have them discover salvation in selflessness. Not that love solves more problems than it creates...^_~

The one thing that I'm wondering if you'll develop later is...more about the Prince. It just seems to me that there *must* be some more explanation behind why he's not even trying to be happy, and why he thinks being cold to his fiance *forever* will be more tolerable than the alternative. I wanted Serenity to ask him why! It confused me. I hope you have plans to reveal more of his psyche later. ^_^

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You revealed so much in this last chapter. There may not have been much in the way of action, but you more than made up for it by exposing the Earthen monarchs' situation. (May I say that I suspected from the start that our beloved stablehand was more than he appeared. I'm a Serenity/Endymion junkie. My mind goes there even when it shouldn't.) I do not was not make a wrong assumption, but I'm thinking that Endymion, well, you know what I'm thinking. For the life of me I can not figure out how you are going to reunite Arton and Elana (sp?) with their long lost son, if the stablehand is in fact their son. (I so hope that he is.) Your last chapter has left me with more questions than answers, and I like it like that.

Enough of my ramblings. I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Until next time,

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A Fan
Loki - Wednesday March 31, 2004 at 16:52
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