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Not Logged InWednesday June 12, 2024 - 19:36
Story: Dark Secrets
Posted on Monday December 10, 2001 at 11:14 by Aria
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Winner: Most Popular Story - January 2005

Season: Alternate Universe
Main Characters: Mamoru/Darien, Usagi/Serena

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rated: R
Status: Completed

Serena Carson is a driven career girl with a taste for the good life. But when she meets a mysterious man named Darien why does she feel as if she's known him all of her life? And why does he haunt her dreams?

Darien Hollingsworth needed her to help him uncover the mysteries that clouded his past. His secret is a dark one but can he keep it from her?

How do you explain to someone that being a vampire does not necessarily make him a monster?

*Please note: This is a multiple ending story. There are 3 different endings that split off at chapter 11. The version you are reading is displayed on the story. See the Author's Notes for more information.

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Number of Chapters: 17          Total Size: 482k          Word Count: 90,298          Version: 1 | 2 | 3

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mookie46 - Friday July 31, 2009 at 22:46
I'm new to the site and this is the first story I've read and all I can say is great job, what a wonderful story.
meork - Sunday December 07, 2008 at 04:40
Fantastic! Well written! I thorougly enjoyed this story! Especially when you bought back Serena's ex-fiance and father (my mouth hit the floor). I enjoyed all version, especially the first two. I wasn't expecting the twist in version three, brilliant.
skippy - Friday November 28, 2008 at 20:18
OMG!!!! I did not expect that ending (ver. 3) That goes against the whole SM story of Darien and Serena. What about all those lives she spent with Darien? You should have written a sequel or Epilogue about ver. 3. I liked version 2 better because it ends with her actually finding Darien instead of leaving it off with "I will find you".
Skysong - Tuesday March 04, 2008 at 20:03
a small note: in the first chapter serena is introduced as Serena Carter, then a little over halfway in the chapter refers to herself as Dr. Carson, and then i believe it stays Carson for the rest of the story.

if you ever find the free time, it might be nice to quickly go back and fix it for continuity.
anweaver2007 - Monday January 07, 2008 at 02:00
Again another wonderful story...
i like the story alot but the 3rd verson was really good...i liked the twist but i would have never guessd glad someone can put a little twist to things...although i really liked verson 1 also...
great work
x0x0 Alexandria x0x0
fallengirl - Friday October 12, 2007 at 14:11
I loved this story, it is absolutly amazing, you have true talent.
lexie_06 - Friday August 10, 2007 at 05:33
amazing story!!!
lola_bear - Thursday August 09, 2007 at 01:19
great story
princesa_angelbebe - Wednesday August 08, 2007 at 22:27
It was wonderfull! I read all 3 endings and although I loved the first one the most, tall 3 where incredible.
AmusingChild - Friday July 20, 2007 at 19:19
what an original story. I am so glad to have read it... GREAT WORK!
tinkerbell_18 - Monday February 26, 2007 at 15:59
I love the story so far, Of course I'll probably finish reading it by tonight. I love addicting story like this. keep the stories comming.

Mayonaka - Thursday December 28, 2006 at 21:23
Okay, yeah I just finished the 3rd version consecutively with the first and second-I must say it took hours, but was worth my sore eyes. The 3rd version was different from the 2nd and first...Serena and Diamond? I support Diamond all the way, but I certainly like Serena and Darien together. Nonetheless, beautifully written!!
Mayonaka - Thursday December 28, 2006 at 20:50
Alright! I just finished the 2nd version right after the first-still the typos were there but it did not matter the slight darn bit. Serena's death and rebirth was a bit grievious, but really thought out. My best wishes to you and your future stories!
Mayonaka - Thursday December 28, 2006 at 20:01
I have yet to read your 2 and 3 versions, but I am sure they will be as wonderful as the 1st-if not more so!I did notice some mistakes in puncuation and grammar,and those mistakes did not influence the plot,but I reccomend it that you fix them. For instance:

Serena hatred to part with it

he stepped partway into the room and she knew that if she replied in the negative her would walked right back out the door again.

I mean how did they manage to account that much of someone past, especially when it was so long?"
YOU MEAN to account that much of SOMEONE'S life, especially when it was so long AGO?"

"What give the masses false information so they're looking the wrong way?

"Try these they are incredible."

Serena found herself wondering if her knew how to use them.

He put up his hands. "Fine, fine. Wherever you like"

It took him lest than half an hour to get everything on.

Whether or not he chooses to make used of it is up to him."

There are more, but I didn't quite remember them all.Just minor mistakes really-but it'll make your stories even better!Which is something I don't think is possible!
AriynDavynus - Monday November 13, 2006 at 18:57
A great Chapter!!! I loved it. Darien is a vampire and Serena just can't believe it! Looking forward to the next chapter. Sorry this review is so short I didn't have much time. Later
Gabyttita - Sunday November 05, 2006 at 15:58
Wow..!! incredible story..!! what i liked the most is how you mentioned the different times serena and darien met each other... like the places where they met, i found that fascinating.. anyways.. great story..!!
Lavendermc - Wednesday October 25, 2006 at 10:01
Aria's 'Dark Secrets', a tale of mystery, romance, intrigue, suspense and action.
It follows the story of Darien and Serena; Darien, a longtime vampire, waiting on Serena, his true love of generations past, finding her at each of her reincarnations, yearning for a happy ending together.
However, many people want Serena dead and that doesn't make Darien too happy.
With 3 different endings to her story, Aria makes sure to satistfy all kinds of readers.
The plot is extremely well concocted. Every flashback makes sense with what's about to come and somehow fits perfectly with what has already taken place.
The flow is increadible; though there are many pauses in time throughout the story, the reader can't stop. Aria's addictive touch keeps everyone's eyes stuck to the screen. Though there are a few typos here and there, the grammar and sentence structure is pretty much immaculate.
The characters' evolutions work themselves up each sentence of every page. Each character grows in some ways the reader may not even anticipate to happen.
The one thing this reader thought it right to mention is the great build-up of the story. The story continously rises in climax; Serena and Darien can never seem to get a break!
Although vampires may not be every body's thing, this story will have everyone on the edge of their seats, their hearts in their throats. A definite must-read.

P.S. I rarely submit public reviews but I liked the way I wrote this so I thought others might appreciate it too. :)
bunnybabie - Saturday October 21, 2006 at 17:33
Wow. I can see how this story took you 3 years. It was exceptionally amazing. Since I am a big Usagi/Mamoru and Darien/Serena fan. I'll recommend this story to my friends. Versions two and three of this story were good...but version one was my favorite. ;D I can't wait to see how this story actually ends, because the ending slightly confuses me. lol
AriynDavynus - Saturday October 14, 2006 at 20:22
I've got to say that this is an interesting start. I look forward to reading more of it. I wonder who was in Serenas apartment? I'm sure she was seeing memories and that makes me wonder how this story is going to be pieced together. Good job!
uchihalover - Tuesday September 12, 2006 at 12:49
jupiter_2005 - Saturday June 24, 2006 at 00:46
i liked the story i can not wait till u com eout with more great writings like it
Missyface - Sunday January 01, 2006 at 10:56
Very twisted, but brill. Please keep writing.
Taracova - Friday December 16, 2005 at 20:36
I loves this story!
Taracova - Thursday December 08, 2005 at 19:55
I love ykour story it has inspired me to do better and better my writting habits.
Taracova - Friday December 02, 2005 at 14:29
I finished reading it and it is so awsome! Have you ever thought of writing a second Dark Secrets to tell what happens in Serena's next life? What happens between her and Diamond? I'm currently working on a story called Stolen Treasure that has Diamond and Serena as lovers, but you know after reading Dark Secrets many people will ask 'What happens next?' or 'That's it!' . So have you wrote a second one or one similar? If not do you plan to?
cittykat21 - Tuesday November 08, 2005 at 06:30
An interesting ending. I've only read version 1, but can't wait to read the other two as well. Great work as usual.
Silver_Art - Tuesday October 18, 2005 at 06:28
This is a great story, especially version 1, mysterious and romantic. the version 2 not bad too, but since I'm darien/serena fan, I don't really like the version 3.
WildCat - Wednesday October 12, 2005 at 04:53
Dark Secrets is by far your best work ever! I love all three versions, especially version 2, in the future they meet again and Serena get's her memory restored within a short amount of time. I love it!!!!
cosmoscrystal - Saturday August 06, 2005 at 05:07
One word describes your story........EXCELLENT! All endings were fantastic although I'm totally a Serena and Darien couple fan, they were all very well written. You have talent!!!
appleme - Sunday July 31, 2005 at 04:36
EW i did not like version 3.. :S hmm.. i never liked daimond but i juss dun like him so0o yes.. but i loved version 1 and 2.... but version 3 was well done but.... i did not like the pairing but then its okei its ur story and u were awesome!!

KittyCrazy - Wednesday June 01, 2005 at 00:55
This is a great story and had a great story line. I have been sitting here for hours and read it straight through. It never ceases to amaze me as to what you can come up with. Congrats on the story!
=^_^= KittyCrazy
bluehawaii06 - Monday April 04, 2005 at 07:41
I really enjoyed the story (i read version 3) Very romantic and sweet, i honestly don't think that it couldn't have been done much better. I look foward to reading versions 1 and 2 :)
Angelgrl185 - Wednesday March 02, 2005 at 03:34
Hmmm, I really love this story, its amazing. Actually, I didn't know there were three endings until today, I think the first ending I got was ending three and it was a while ago and I remember thinking, what?? After all that this is the ending? What about Darien? Now that I know there are two more ends, I can sleep easier!

Ok, So I'll start with Version One:

This one was my favorite because I feel that it explained everything in a way that made the most sense. For example, Rubeus. In Version Two, he just kinda dies, in Version three he was tricked by the beasts, but still just dies, not really playing a role when he has been such a source of mystery through out the whole story. I think Version one did his character, as you portrayed him, the most justice. I like how the only way to kill the beasts was by fire and that once they were killed they were transported back to Atlantis, that was a sweet idea. Very well written, some minor mistakes that were missed by your beta, but that's about it. Very well developed and thought out.

Version Two:

This one I would have to say is my least favorite out of the three. It's kind of cliched with the big end of age battle with the two vampire clans, nothing twisty really in it, but still an enjoyable read. I liked the epilogue though, with her finding him and saying her little line, sure I knew it was going to happen, but it was cute all the same. Since she died, does that mean she is no longer a vampire?

Version Three:

Granted I was a little taken a back when I read this because it was the first ending I got and not what I was expecting to happen AT ALL. I think that is a good element and a plus for it in itself. If this ending had been the only one, I would have been disappointed with the ending of such an amazing story because naturally, most of us want Darien and Serena to be together and that's the direction it seemed to be going. Since it is one out of three, I appreciate the twist a little more. It's nice to see Serena end up with different people, but maybe if it had placed more emphasis on Diamond throughout the story instead of just him kinda questioning her about Darien's motives. I thought it was well writted and enjoyed it.

All in all this story was brilliant, I loved it and I look forward to more of your works.

Tandem - Sunday January 30, 2005 at 05:29
Being a Serena/Darien fan, i definately liked the ending where they were together best. I liked how you used her father and first fiance as the monsters, it added to the bitter feelings towards them. an enjoyable read
becxfok01 - Wednesday January 05, 2005 at 18:49
This story is amazing! I usually don't particularly like vampire-type stories, but I loved it! The way you managed to pull in other places (Egypt and Atlantis) was brilliant, and definately made the story more appealing. Or else the story would be another dry vampire story. I loved the way you conveyed Serena's feeling. The only thing I didn't like was that I feel that you didn't give a description of Serena's appearance. (Maybe I just accidently skipped read her appearnace, sorry if I did!) I am def. a big fan of your fanfictions now!
Lyla - Monday January 03, 2005 at 21:11
My god how i love this storie
and all of you who does not like this you must be kedding me

well i love this and aria is one of the best athour ever.

lingy - Monday January 03, 2005 at 19:09
For version 1.
This version is more reminiscent of your usual work. The loose ends that version three failed to resolve wrapped up very nicely. Even though everything fit together, it was in no way predictable. Yet at the same time I almost felt like I should have seen it coming. ^^;;
I can give no criticism to this fantastic story other than a few typos. Overall it was easy to follow and a pleasurable read.
(Hehehe, I’ve decided to be more WISE with my reviews.)
Also, I think any bad reviews you have received are unfounded. I especially liked your portrayal of Serena throughout as a strong independent woman. And still totally stand by my last review.
I’m off to read version 2, and I will probably review that one too.
Great work Aria, this will definitely be a story I will read again and again.
bakabunny - Sunday January 02, 2005 at 01:04
While I was first incredibly excited to read this story for many reasons such as it is a Serena/Darien romance, the vampires, and it had three different ending for a reader to choose from, I was highly disappointed. I am highly suprised that this is rated higher than a lot of your work. I am simply in love with your writing, but this fic for some reason was not for me. One reason was I was incredibly angry at all the Buffy connections you made and didn't even give some credit. I am an avid Buffy fan and could pinpoint many of the things that your story had that go with different seasons of Buffy. The plot was somewhat sketchy and you did not answer all of the questions I had like you usually do. Like, how is it elderly vampires can acquire these special abilities? Why can Darien and Diamond read Serena's mind? What happened to Raye? You mentioned her being missing, but never went back like you did with Mina and Lita. There were a lot of things you could have went into more detail with, and it kind of disappointed me in the end. I wasn't really fond of any of the endings either, but that can happen. Overall I'd say this was an okay story, but It is not on the top of my list as best.
SinHellfire - Saturday January 01, 2005 at 23:51
ok WHY CAN'T I GET THE OTHER ENDINGS BESIDE #1 !!!!!!!!!!!! its driving me crazy please some one help me if you can get Two or 3 COULD YOU POSSIBLY EMAIL IT TO ME OR SOMETHING AT NARAKUSMISSTRESS@HOTMAIL.COM THANKS
kasumi - Friday December 24, 2004 at 17:56
Okay, okay. I read version 3, so now you can't tell me I got the wrong idea. :o)

I admire that you tried to do something different, and no doubt the Diamond fans are happy that the Serena-Diamond thing is resolved. My only criticism is that the change was too abrupt; nothing led up to that ending. In the earlier chapters, you seemed to favor Darien over Diamond. That's my feeling, anyway. I suppose you could say some things could have clued the readers in on Dimaon's true identity (e.g. the modern apartment resembling the Atlantean style, his showing Serena that all the artifacts she saw could have been contrived), but the hints were too subtle. The truth could have leaned either way. And I still think Darien's reaction to Serena's turning was weird, but I don't know how he should have reacted, either.
Bloody_rose - Sunday December 19, 2004 at 06:23

i loved your story, it's really wonderful!! you're a terrific writer!

but i can't get the different endings... i only get version 1 each time. and i refreshed my brower and everything, i even logged out and signed in again but i still always get version 1... what do i do to get the other 2 endings?? i really really wanna read them!!

keep up the good work!
putitonme - Sunday December 12, 2004 at 00:47
wow, wat a great ending.. i'm kind of CONFUSED. In away, but after a few hours, i started to get it... lolz MANN.. i think its soo good. GOOD JOB!!
kasumi - Saturday December 11, 2004 at 04:51
Hmm, an interesting twist on things. I really enjoyed this alternate endings set-up. I must say I find Version 1 more intriguing than Version 2, though I like them both because they're happy endings and Darien ends up with Serena. I didn't even bother reading 3 (though I kind of skimmed some parts of it) because I saw that Darien just kind of gave up on her after even all those lives -- centuries and centuries of history and romance -- all because she was "tainted." True, I didn't actually read the whole thing and I probably jumped to some conclusions. But I mean, that instant rejection seems just a little hypocritical to me. And unrealistic. But interesting, nonetheless.

At this point, I'm wondering what your new undertaking is. The original stories? Another Ser/Dar fic? What else has been popular in the Sailor Moon fandom? Whatever you attempt, I'm sure it'll be great. :o)
WildCat - Thursday December 09, 2004 at 15:21
Good try on making Diamond her lover instead of Darien, It's quite refreshing actually. You write the best stories, was this your first time writing a vampire story? I'd say it is the best that you've ever written!

WildCat - Thursday December 09, 2004 at 14:48
v2 is a little bit shaky but your story still is really good.
WildCat - Thursday December 09, 2004 at 14:43
WOW! v1 has a good twist to it. Keep it up!
jennie - Thursday December 09, 2004 at 02:07
Oh I loved this story. wonderful. Version one is my
favorite though....sigh. Keep writting I love all of your
lingy - Sunday December 05, 2004 at 19:43
For Version 3.
This story was without a doubt one of the best I've ever read. Every description, every interaction, was oozing with sentuality. The story seemed to jump out into your mind vividly, it was great.
And the twists and unexpected turns in the plot? FABULOUS!
I dont know how you do it Aria but this was just genius.
The ending was so unexpected. I was left gaping
Serafina - Saturday December 04, 2004 at 00:07
I hate when I leave a review that comments on grammatical errors.... and then I fall prey to the little buggers myself.... grr...

still a good story, btw.
Serafina - Saturday December 04, 2004 at 00:00

I think that ending deserves a collective 'aww', don't you think? I loved it. It's long awaited and well worth it. The inexpected comedy made the drama believable, if that makes any sense.

Other than some grammatical buggers (that i have the nitpicky, annoying habit of finding) this story has such strength. The far-fetchedness is always balanced with that of a realistic situation that can humanize that characters. Each of the characters has a quality that will either compliment or offset another and they are consistent. Always a plus. Great plot that kept me interested for the however many months we've all been waiting for the ending. Bravo.

My only question to you now is, where are the other 2 versions? I'm sure you know we're all dying to read them. Although I do enjoy this nice and neat ending.
Kon - Wednesday December 01, 2004 at 20:43
AWE! That was soooo sweet! *huggles aria* I Loved it! You did a VERY nice job on this story; it was planned out nicely, good plot, lots of action, romance, mystery...the word choice was superb and the writing style was educated and classy. XP You make me way jealous! Thank you for your wonderful story! Luvvied it!
bedasse_s - Thursday November 25, 2004 at 01:15
I hadn't read this story for a long time but now I remember why it intrigued me in the first place. Great character development and a strong storyline. Please continue.
mmoongirl13 - Sunday November 21, 2004 at 05:01
Oh please finish it Im gonna die not knowing what happens next!!
Jupiter - Sunday November 14, 2004 at 09:38
When in the hell are you going to finish this story!!! It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
putitonme - Saturday November 13, 2004 at 06:45
abosuluty terrific!!!!! uh.. i love Vampires stories.. i find them interesting. Anyways... Hey...continue the story, i want to know if Serena is going to end up living her life, as she planned, or does everything ends up like the past?....hmm?????????? =] i'm feeling real anxious here, i really enjoy ur stories, i read like almost all of em =] well i hope you finish alright?, Bye
WildCat - Thursday September 30, 2004 at 14:44
Aria, This has to be your best story yet! I lOVE it. The plot, the many memories that Serena tries to remember, the kidnapping it's all so wonderful. I can't wait until the next chapter and the other until the end. It's romantic yet still creepy in it's own way.
ttk - Wednesday September 08, 2004 at 22:13
love it, love it, love it!!
please update soon.
Anonymous - Saturday August 28, 2004 at 21:03
I really like your story, its interesting and i hope you finish it soon :)
Anonymous - Wednesday August 11, 2004 at 16:18
*luvin it* keep em chappies comin ~_~
TriGemini - Saturday August 07, 2004 at 03:22
Interesting chapter! Sounds as if Darien, and Diamond are on the same side. Although, who is this character Raine?
Loved how she told Diamond “Don’t ever say I’m not prepared.” That was good. Looking forward to more.
Until then.
Critika - Monday July 26, 2004 at 19:18
You sure can write! I love the storyline! I hope you're planning on updating this soon though; it worries me that I neer saw this story on the first page and had to find it on your author's page.
Tandem - Wednesday July 14, 2004 at 13:54
I Love this story
cittykat21 - Saturday June 26, 2004 at 15:25
i really wish you would finish this story. its great. so please finish it off.
sweetclay4jc - Friday June 25, 2004 at 06:03
go on!!!!
karian - Tuesday June 22, 2004 at 04:46
hey i was reading this alittle while ago and when are you going to write more i want to see whats going to happen next?
Adamina - Tuesday May 18, 2004 at 21:22
Ah! The suspense is building up! Where is she? Will he find her in time? Will this era just be like the last and both loose forever? And most important (at least to me) will Darien be cured?

Your writing has always been able to wrap me into the story and it's characters. I hope you keep up with this one.
Raye73 - Wednesday April 21, 2004 at 09:46
never like vampires...but reading this story has made me obsessed. I love the way you have created the characters and the story line is BRILLIANT, as usual. keep up the good work and keep writing. Rach!!!
Moonbabe - Friday April 16, 2004 at 19:32
Aria, don't you write any more? I love all of the stories you write. I just wish that you would finish writing this story.
Karrina - Friday April 16, 2004 at 18:54
OH I like it..... I do I do!!!!!!! Wonderful Story
Aria, wonderful story

Holla baq,
Kamala - Monday March 15, 2004 at 10:51
Can you please finish this story? Or at least add another chapter? I love it so far!! How much more to go?
karian - Sunday March 14, 2004 at 02:30
Hurry up and write more i want to read what happens. I really like it.
TriGemini - Sunday February 29, 2004 at 04:13
WOW! This story getting really good! Especially, if Darien, and Diamond are playing the same side. Definitly can't wait for more.
JerzeeGurl - Tuesday February 17, 2004 at 01:54
Wow. I loved the latest chapter. Things are getting more and more complicated. I can't wait for the next chapter.
selenis - Tuesday February 10, 2004 at 04:13
That was good, the storyline got a little more mysterious with this chapter... like chibiJ I am wondering what exactly those hybrids are.....plz let them not br vamp-wolf crosses, that's too much like underworld... or even if u were heading in that direction, can they not be as weird looking as the one in underworld? =p But I still loved the chapter, and the Diamond plot twist is really good!
ChibiJ - Saturday February 07, 2004 at 01:52
Fire is very pretty. *bows down to aria-sama in awe* another awesome chapter my dear, leaving me ever craving for more and more. So the hybrid, is it wolf/vamp or something else? intriguing...

As always, I can't wait for more. I hope the writing kick that you're on produces another chappie soon! loves ya!
Acid - Thursday February 05, 2004 at 11:39
*lips curl into a smile* my dear, that was simply gorgeous. delicious.
i haven't read something so provoking in a while.
- l.
Unek530 - Thursday February 05, 2004 at 07:47
I absolutely loved this story. I can't wait to read another chapter.. The story line, the twists, the plot.. I absolutely love them!
kasumi - Thursday February 05, 2004 at 04:10
Hmm... Your most recent update was a little confusing. I suppose it was supposed to be a transition.
serenitykiss - Wednesday February 04, 2004 at 04:58
like always, ur stories are amazing....
and i just love dark secrets
Sailor_Angel - Tuesday February 03, 2004 at 17:34
*grins* you just gotta love her XD That ending line was perfect, hehe I started sniggering at the ending. The chapter makes me think of a billion questions in my head, I can't wait to find out!
FallenAngel - Tuesday February 03, 2004 at 04:56
Wow! I've been waiting so long for you to update. This really made my day. The story is wonderful, as always, and I hope to see more from you soon. Can't wait!
SilverRunningWater89 - Tuesday February 03, 2004 at 04:38
what a wonderful ending to the chapter! ahaha. You're such a marvelous writer. This fic was well rounded, it showed in your writing that it was carefully thought out, and I just love your writing style period. Terrific job!
psycho4moon - Monday February 02, 2004 at 21:52
Oh i'm soooo happy that another chapter is out, and of course it was grrrreat as always. Thanks! Can't wait for more ^_-
daisystar - Monday February 02, 2004 at 21:32
finally finally! yay! i love it! at least this chapter explains a few confusions i had. another chapter! and i'm so happy. i just hope i don't have to wait as long as last time for the next chapter to come out. i hope to hear from you soon, i really cannot wait til the next chapter of "dark secrets" is out, hopefully soon. please keep writing and updating!
lacyloss - Monday February 02, 2004 at 16:57
OMG OMG! You finally updated! I thank you so much please oh pleasae update again!!! i just
cant believe you update thank you so so so much this story is great!Update SOON!!!
Anonymous - Monday February 02, 2004 at 14:59
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. You updated. I. LOVE. YOU. I'll deff. read this after school.
Krissy - Saturday January 03, 2004 at 06:13
if i haven't told u b4, i love your story and i can't wait to read more. But we have 1 BIG dont' seem to UPDATE.
so please update, update update...please.
KarenWalker - Friday December 26, 2003 at 22:37
that was really awesome! i hope you update soon!
magdalenna - Monday December 22, 2003 at 00:00
Finish that story or...
he,he ^^ ahm just finish allready
artcat46 - Thursday December 04, 2003 at 20:39
plz plz plz finish! i luv it so far just i want to read more
XxMelaxX - Friday October 24, 2003 at 02:16
Ahhh You must finish this right away!! I am going crazy!! Once again you've created a wonderful, breathtaking, magnificent -and all the other fantastic words out there- story. I love your work and hopefully you'll finish this soon....VERY SOON...!! okee, buh bai!!
Demonic_Angel - Saturday October 18, 2003 at 17:32
hey update already!! good story but I want to know what happens
Anonymous - Sunday August 31, 2003 at 05:17
OMG I cant wait till u update it again its killing me not knowing whats gonna happen next! well anyways great stry.
Chillen in da bronx
Fireeyesinthedark - Wednesday August 20, 2003 at 13:19
I think this story is brilliant so far. Are you planning on writing any more soon? I think this is developing into a very good story, and would love to see more of it as soon as possible.
Dragon_Fire - Saturday August 02, 2003 at 08:12
i just love where the story is going!! u got the brains girl! keep up the good work!!!!
starryice18 - Saturday August 02, 2003 at 03:06
I LOVE stories like this (dark alternate realities w/romance). Please keep writing on it and finish it ASAP!!!
Anonymous - Friday June 06, 2003 at 17:30
Hey, I'm new to this website but I have read some of your completed stories and I am just ...... WOW! Hope you'll be getting the new chapter out! Can't wait :)
nightstarr - Friday June 06, 2003 at 06:59
Great story. I read it all in one go (thus far anyway) keep it up. Only one thing bothered me: if Serena drank Darien's blood in order to remember the past (instead of going to bed together)....and then Darien drank Serena's blood in the second last chapter....

Doesn't that make Serena turned? Or does it have to happen in the reverse order?
TriGemini - Saturday May 24, 2003 at 23:02
Thanks for the Update. I'm really getting into this story.
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We don't know what will happen if we even do manage to get rid of every last trop of your blood."

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Please please please please please please please please continue this story! I'm threatening to distort my face so that my eyes become puppy eyes. o_O! I, among others, would love to see the whats and whos and whys and hows and whens and wheres of this story resolved.Dark Secret must not remain a secret to us voyeurs! Continuez, s'il vous plait? ^^
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Wonderful, Magnificent, Extraordinary, Spectacular, Astonishing, Excellent, Superior, Splendid, Outstanding, Superlative, the list goes on and on and on and on, but i can't think of any more big words. You are one wicked awesome author, who has sum extremely awesome talent! Please get the next chapter out soon. It is so so so.... im outta big words, so *insert first two lines here* Peace chickadee!!

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