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Not Logged InMonday September 27, 2021 - 04:36
Story: Game of Seduction
Posted on Tuesday October 01, 2002 at 19:43 by MG
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Status: Incomplete

It's a game of life, love, and morals...It all begins when a seventeen year-old Serena sets her sights on her 25 year old Math Teacher Mr. Shields...illegal and sexy, this story brings about a true reality with interesting romantic curves.

Number of Chapters: 16          Total Size: 574k          Word Count: 104,978

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Anonymous - Tuesday April 30, 2013 at 09:16
That's it!

I loved this story at the beginning eagerly awaiting more. I was patient now I have had a gut full of this story. I am sick & tired of waiting for an ending. Get a fn ending to this
Anonymous - Friday October 26, 2012 at 16:13
50 shades is better this is inflated by fans finish the dam thing and be done with this crap
Anonymous - Monday December 12, 2011 at 09:25
The last comment sums up a lot, but I do know all of us at are getting tired of trying to keep this fic up and noticed so you'll update - sorry but I am not bothering any more
Anonymous - Friday November 19, 2010 at 09:51
I am so over this story. It started out as one of the best fanfics ever written and now...........nothing!
Its been going on for the last 8 years with no update in site. The author has been busy but this story deserves an ending. Especially ending for the long suffering fans who follow this story!!
lovelyl - Sunday November 14, 2010 at 04:39
I have read this story so many times it would have to be one of my favourite SM fan fics of all times. :D So when you get around to posting another chapter or 2 I will be ecstatic. :D
Amethyst-Heart - Tuesday October 26, 2010 at 17:26
Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say that I really love this story (rereading it yesterday reminded me just how much I loved this story since when you first started writing it), and I hope you plan on finishing it one day. I know your life is incredibly busy (I hope you're doing well academically and professionally!), so I understand if it takes you a while, but I'd really love to see what you had planned for Serena and Darien, and how it all ends. Your writing is incredible, and I just love the way you've meticulously planned everything out - the execution is brilliant! Your characters are awesome (I can definitely relate to your Serena and I'm sure all your readers want to shag Darien), and just... your attention to detail is absolutely amazing.

The one issue that I did have at first was some of the excessive punctuation because it got distracting, but after realizing that you meant these as italics or to serve as emphasis (I remember this was on FFN and they completely changed their system, so all your formatting must have disappeared, so you probably used the commas and apostrophes to make up for that), I don't really mind it at all (because I know why it's there and that it's intentional). Actually, if you'd like someone to format the story (add italics where you had wanted them), I'd love to help!

Anyway,I hope you continue writing, and I wish you well!
Moonhawk - Tuesday March 16, 2010 at 08:09
I love GOS as it is my favorite story. I stepped away from Sailor Moon for a bit but it was a combination of your stories and some other authors that brought me back. I was on the mailing list that you had a while back. I just hope that you keep going with your writing and I wish you the best. Did you ever get your Master's?
Red_Elephant - Monday November 09, 2009 at 12:27
I think I read this a few years ago and thought it was ok so I am deliriously happy that you have revised it because its brilliant. Your language is great, characterisation brilliant and you had me laughing quite a bit. Would really love to read the whole thing if/when you have the time to post it which, I hope, won't be too long a wait. Wonderfully sexy and honest. Love it.
AshleyJanee - Friday November 14, 2008 at 16:59
Oh my god!
You are seriously one of the best writers I have ever seen on this website and Fanfiction. I absolutely LOVE this story.
Please please please please pleaseeeeee update soon.
deli - Wednesday September 17, 2008 at 14:31
heey love your story but i think i read it years ago and you havn't posted any more. would love to read the rest!!!
anaovcaric - Friday September 05, 2008 at 07:12
when are you going to update?! i'm dying here.... ;-D hurry! :-)
enggirl - Thursday August 28, 2008 at 07:24
I know this is sad, but I love Andrew. His comments are hilarious XD
lovelyl - Friday August 15, 2008 at 13:35
Great story I am really enjoying this, so far I have read the chapters 2ce, can't wait for the next one. :)
The_Crystal_Rose - Thursday August 14, 2008 at 23:51
Wow, I've been reading this from and I came here because I was curious of the changes and I love it! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the story has in store! Great job!!!
Britney - Thursday July 03, 2008 at 07:06
update quickly! this is a great story!!!! please update MG (=

i love your stories
Anonymous - Thursday March 27, 2008 at 14:19
Whoaa. You really have to update soon! The cliffy you ended it with was completely awesome. I cannot wait for more!! ^^
anweaver2007 - Tuesday February 05, 2008 at 22:53
i like this story alot but how could you leave us hanging??
i really hope that you will update this story soon because i love it!
Lena204 - Tuesday February 05, 2008 at 18:54
Yay! I'm soo glade to see another chapter up, I've always loved this story!

Can't wait to see more.

Miakoday - Monday January 28, 2008 at 22:17
wow! what a cliffhanger to end on! I can't wait for more! I started reading this awhile ago but just recently came back and read it again! I love your work! The way you write always manages to draw me in! Thank you! I can't wait to see what happens!!
awakeandreeming - Wednesday January 23, 2008 at 02:29
This chapter, although long-awaited, was worth every excruciating moment lol.

Your writing style is fantastic, the language and word choice is so evocative, and the characterizations are absolutely incredible.

I'm 100% in love with Serenity and Charles and am desperately hoping that they'll make it through together. And Darien...oh, he's gotten himself into a pickle, eh? lol Darn that Andrew and his big mouth!

I can't wait for the next sinfully delicious chapter! Keep up the awesome work! :D
lexie_06 - Tuesday January 22, 2008 at 02:46
OMG yay you added another chapter! you left me at the edge of my seat...again! hope to read more soon, hope everything is going good with school!
anaovcaric - Sunday January 20, 2008 at 11:37
Thank you sooo much for this new chapter!! I've been going crzy waiting for it. and again, it was incredible! I agree that Darien really feels something for Serena, but doesn't want to confess it to himself. Well, looking forward for the next one!! :-)
Kimmi-Chan - Saturday January 19, 2008 at 07:35
Wow, I wasn't expecting a this chapter to appear (it was definitely a nice surprise).

This chapter was definitely intense! Darien is quite an a*****e, if that was your aim you're doing a great job. He's real this time around but I personally think he truly feels something for Serena. This crass mantra seems to be a cover, a mask he's using due to his past with Rei. I state this because Darien (and the narration) is far too explicit in terms of cruelty; like Darien is trying too prove something to himself or is in denial (i.e him stating he'll leave her before she leaves him, him emphasizing the difference between exclusive and relationship). I'm still unsure if I like this submissive Serena, I'm waiting for her to stand her ground and fight.

I really like the scene at the house party, I think it's better than the original. It's a small re-write but I like how it was Serena who decided to go in, I enjoyed her eavesdropping and the dialog between Mina and Andrew added to the intensity.

Good luck with school, I'm glad you're still working on GOS. I'm excited to see how things turn out between Serena and Darien now.
AmusingChild - Saturday January 19, 2008 at 06:24
wow... I sort of remember reading the chapter that was like this before when you first posted it. I have to say the editing and changes are really impressive. I know that you are trying really hard with this story, so I am rooting for you. And don't worry I don't hate you (I liked you AN lol) I'll just sit here... waiting...
still waiting...
Deandra - Thursday November 22, 2007 at 01:18
Good luck with your grad program. Its much more important than finishing this story right now, and should be your first priority. And to the anonymous reviewer. No one cares if you'll be old and gray, Grad programs are tough. We all love this story, but we don't disrespect the author because she has other things to do that are obviously important to her.
kbrown2012 - Friday November 09, 2007 at 01:00
hi you may know me as moonfan2012, i still love the story i cant wait for you to finish it. and good luck with school.
ladydee_1au - Saturday November 03, 2007 at 13:28
Goodluck to you at school MG and I sincerely hope all goes well for you! i have been throughquite a bit myself to reach my own career. Years at Uni is never easy. To the last anon reviewer you have to give people a chance to give there opinions, i know this is to review stories and give constructing critism but some people have different ways of dealing with it. Again goodluck MG!!
Anonymous - Friday November 02, 2007 at 06:21
Writing a story like this and balancing life is a juggling act many people struggle with to bring our fans a hot cool and sexy story like this, to anon, last reviewer, MG has a life, you might wish to consider getting one yourself. She has explained her reasons in the forums if you bother to read and while you're at it, learn how to review, this is to talk about the story, not to hear your whining and carrying on, PM MG and if you have the guts and say this! *grrr shakes head*
Anonymous - Friday November 02, 2007 at 04:45
Why are we not surprised! Your track record at finishing this story is absolutely pathetic. i will be old and grey before you complete this
awakeandreeming - Thursday October 25, 2007 at 19:26
Amazing, amazing, amazing. The characterization is fantastic, the plot is simply superb! lol and your writing style is movie-like, in quality. I pictured every single moment in this fic absolutely perfectly and not once did I lose interest. Very well done; can't wait for the rest.

Good luck with school! :D
anaovcaric - Thursday October 04, 2007 at 07:08
WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE??!! It's been ages since the last one... Hurry... ;-)
Anonymous - Thursday September 13, 2007 at 22:15
wow did u take some chapters off?
sailormoonlover12 - Saturday September 08, 2007 at 06:07
when r u going to up date
Setryochi - Friday August 17, 2007 at 18:00
I love this story so much! I can't believe how you keep the characters in character so well. I feel that you have changed the original characters into something quite oc but you've managed to make it work in a way that if they were real people this is how they might be (maybe not as much swearing on Darien's part, he seems kind of too sensitive for that) but yes, you keep it together well. Their reactions to situations are consistant and I love it! Please keep working along, I support you! ^^
tsykes2005 - Tuesday August 14, 2007 at 03:27
Damn this story is good and i think serena wants to feel sex without a condom
Annerabbit - Monday August 13, 2007 at 18:39
I'm really enjoying the edited chapters! There's loads more detail in them!! Really love this story! Am so glad you're still going on it! Can't wait for chapter 19!! new chappie! YAY!!!! :0)
anaovcaric - Monday August 13, 2007 at 16:20
WOW, two chapters in one week!! I love it, they were great! Looking forward for the next! :-)
flipstahh-93 - Monday August 13, 2007 at 01:37
Ouu, well here comes the [even more] exciting part!! Now that you've uploaded chapter 12/13(?), the next chapter you post will be... one that I haven't read yet! Heh, may be a little dramatic considering the fact that I know you've written more chapters, but I have searched google and various other fanfic sites and they're either not uploaded or broken-linked!

But no matter. As long as you continue to update until the story is done (with an epilogue containing marriage, children, and a happily ever after .. ?) I shall be happy =D
anaovcaric - Friday August 10, 2007 at 14:33
OMG, you have to update ASAP!! I love you story, it's one of the best stories I've ever read. Update pleaseeee!!!!
lexie_06 - Thursday August 09, 2007 at 20:03
wow, amazing story! I really got into it! I hope you get to finish it cause it'd be a shame to leave it unfinished!Please don't leave it incomplete cause in a way it's suspencful to know what happens next!
Hope to finish reading it once its all done.!!
p.s you're one heck of a writer!
princesa_angelbebe - Friday August 03, 2007 at 05:34
OMG OMG OMG this story is awsome! I love the whole love/hate forbidden story, it's defenetly diffrent than anything I have read, I can't wait to read more.. keep up the good work and please please please update soon!
Setryochi - Tuesday July 24, 2007 at 03:32
When is changed to her mother and father's situation I got REALLY confused. I figured it out after a while but yeah, it's confusing in those transitions.

All'n all it was a good chapter.
AmusingChild - Monday July 23, 2007 at 02:50
still goin strong!
Kimmi-Chan - Sunday July 15, 2007 at 04:34
Very glad to see another update so soon =)

I agree with past reviews that the characters have more depth, I really like that Darien and Serena are working towards a relationship. I also like that the revised version of GOS reveals more to their relationship than just sex. However, chapter 10 seemed very rush and didn't have the same humor I remembered from the original. Serena gave into the relationship way too fast (where as before she told Darien that she was uneasy and that she didn't want to get into a relationship with a man who didn't want commitment). As well the little jokes between them seemed almost nonexistent.

Although chapter 10 wasn't my fave chapter, I think the story is coming along great overall. I can't tell you how much I love Darien's character (sooooo much more than the original Darien). Can't wait to see more MG!
Kiwi - Sunday July 15, 2007 at 01:57
This story is so excellent. The characters have more depth to them this time around. Keep up the great work :)
Lena204 - Friday July 13, 2007 at 14:49
OMG! I'm falling back in love with this story with every chapter you repost!

I can't wait for the next one

-- Princess
serenitykiss - Friday July 13, 2007 at 06:20
flu make her puke....??? i think not
Setryochi - Thursday July 05, 2007 at 21:22
I swear a few years ago when I first started reading this it had more chapters and I was sure I had read them. Are these chapters updated old chapters? I love this story to death, I like it so much it's years later and I'm STILL hoping to read to the end. No rush or anything :P.

^^ Anyways, you write so well I'm surprised. I also think that, if you really wanted to you could take these characters and turn them into your own (the characters are really different from their original forms) and publish this as an original story.

Keep up the good work!
Deandra - Wednesday July 04, 2007 at 07:39
Great chapter, can't wait for the next nine chapters.
lizparker180 - Sunday July 01, 2007 at 19:24
WOW! Thanks so much for updating! I love the character development, and the narrative pace is perfect! Please keep up the great work!
RENA630 - Monday June 18, 2007 at 03:38
I wish I had time to leave you a lengthier comment then the one I'm about to give but sadly I'm in a rush...

I absolutely adore this story. The characters, the sexual tension you create with your writing, the plot, everything is mesmerizing. I never read a fic unless it's already been finished and you have been my one and only exception to that rule. Absolutely fabulous.
Lena204 - Thursday June 14, 2007 at 18:54
I absolutely LOVE this fic no matter how many times you revise it! Please update it very soon as I'm just dying to read more!

-- Princess
LiLo_LaO_eMoShUnZ - Tuesday June 12, 2007 at 04:58
I've been trying very hard not to read the revised version of the story until you've finished... = [ but it's just too darn hard! I just love it and I don't mind reading it over and over and over again = ]
sweet_bella - Thursday May 31, 2007 at 20:22
I love this story!! Update soon...please!
SerenityAngel - Monday May 28, 2007 at 20:46
OMG! this story rocks
Annerabbit - Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 17:43
Oh that was really good!! I noticed you changed that last scene quite a bit, same sort of context, but put more in about the date, or rather the end of the date!

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!! :0)
SailorPheonix3 - Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 14:41
I don't think it is a game anymore. The more the two are involved the more they want of one another. I think Darien should end it but I think he is obsessed with Serena now.
teresa - Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 11:09
Ok, my immediate thought after reading this revised chapter is - vagina power. Vagina power is this ridiculous show about vagina power VS penis power (yes, so basically female empowerment done distastefully LoL) hosted by this black woman with her mother in Atlanta. I've never seen it, I watched it on YouTube and it's absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, this chapter, what with Serena chanting to herself about her vagina totally reminded me of that show. Love it!
Anonymous - Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 04:57
What a hot chapter! Darien is so irresistible! Can't wait for the next!
flipstahh-93 - Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 03:06
Ouu goody you added a chapter!! =]
Anonymous - Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 02:26
Love this story. So well written. Well developed characters. And the chemistry between Serena and Darien is sizzling. :)
Anonymous - Wednesday May 09, 2007 at 02:57
Best fic ive ever read in my life.
Not even jk. But theres only 7 chapters..?? =/ Ive read this story before and it had more.. Was that still you who wrote it? Well, even if it wasnt, it doesnt matter.. as long as you're still working on this story and are going to finish it.. ?? preferably within a couple of months..?? *smiles innocently* =]
SailorPheonix3 - Monday April 16, 2007 at 19:00
lol Darien's charater is too much.
Annerabbit - Sunday April 15, 2007 at 10:21
I'm so glad you're working on this story again! It's one of my favourites and I can't wait to read the end of it... but I understand the wanting/need to rework it... :D What a great story, keep up the awesome work!! :0)
FireKitten - Saturday April 14, 2007 at 20:02
i love this story, especially since you can see what both sides (serena and darien) are thinking. i laughed, i almost cried, and i was angry at the situations you put forth....very important if you want to keep readers coming for more. you are an AMAZING writer, keep up the good work, and i cant wait for the next chapter ;)
tokyo_rabbit - Saturday April 14, 2007 at 19:31
I can't wait until you update! I've heard whisperings that a new chapter is on the way! Hopefully this is true! It's been so long that I'll have to reread this story! Yay!
babyonyee - Monday April 09, 2007 at 08:07
really good!!!! cant wait for you to post the next chapter! I like how you added a little more to each chapter!!!!
SailorPheonix3 - Wednesday April 04, 2007 at 14:48
I remembered when I came across this story. Wow, it is a blast from the past. Well written and the flow of the words give the reader a glimpse to see comparisons or contradictions of what it was like to be a teenager and the relationiships they start to develop. Sigh...I remember dating my husband before kids lol.... ^-^ Keep the chapters comming!
aquaserenity2002 - Tuesday March 20, 2007 at 17:54
OMG Its back Its Back Yay. I'm so excited that you brought the fic back to life. Thank you. Keep uo the excellent work and finish the fic please.
Kimmi-Chan - Monday March 19, 2007 at 07:19
I am enjoying the re-write immensely MG! The characterization is deeper than before, especially in chapter 5. I pegged Darien as an a*****e in the beginning –but this chapter showed that there was definitely more to him. He was far more thoughtful and I love how he had such a soft-spot for Serena. Can't wait to see more, great work once again.

Some of the sentence structures and paragraphs are broken, probably from uploading. Easy fix so I wouldn't worry too much abut them.
RENA630 - Monday March 19, 2007 at 03:28
I can't remember when I last read this...probably 4 years ago and I reached the last chpater you posted and almost sobbed when I realized it was unfinished (and yes I am trying to make you pity me and feel so extremely guilty that you actually HAVE to finish it this time around heehee) Anyway, what I'm getting at is that, even with the fact that I have previously read it, it is still as magnificent as the first time.

You have great story telling abilities and have an extraordinary gift of weaving a sexy, sensual and raw tale and yet keeping it classy. Bravo! I hope to see the next edited chapter up soon.
wei_gon_da_en_en - Sunday March 18, 2007 at 16:43
Ahh I'm so glad this is back. This might of ssaved my sexlife. Not even kidding. :)
Midnight16 - Sunday March 18, 2007 at 15:47
yay! you brought it back! I've missed this story.
beastofnature - Saturday March 17, 2007 at 16:26
i am loving thid ... plz cpontinue...
anaovcaric - Saturday March 17, 2007 at 10:52
This was an amazing chapter! You have to update ASAP! :-)
beastofnature - Monday March 12, 2007 at 17:02
when is the next chapter comin i need it sooo bad lol..... lovin it
Anonymous - Sunday March 11, 2007 at 21:01
All i will say is this:
This had better go further than chapter 18 which is stored on my PC!!
Anonymous - Sunday March 11, 2007 at 10:29
It is worth "bothering."
lilsonigirl - Sunday March 11, 2007 at 04:17
i just read this story and it went to chapter it only goes to chapter 2...??
Don't bother with this story, you'll prob get as far as i did and the author will repost it starting at chapter 2 AGAIN!
....don't bother!!!
flameblessed - Monday January 15, 2007 at 23:03
Wow, I love this story can't wait to read the rest!
hotpinkgumboot - Sunday January 07, 2007 at 02:22
kmwest2305 - Monday November 27, 2006 at 21:34
Lazifelicous_2-18 - Thursday November 23, 2006 at 15:38
This is one of the best stories I have ever read. It's a lot more believable than some of the stories I"ve made the mistake of reading. Please continue with it, this type of story deserves to be finished.
Anonymous - Sunday November 19, 2006 at 14:00
Loved de story~! well written! wat can i say?! FABULUS~!
I cant wait for new chapters to come out ^_____^V
aquaserenity2002 - Monday November 06, 2006 at 22:50
I LOVE your stories, they are the best. I especially love GOS. It is awesome so PLEASE, PLEASE FINISH.
jupiter_2005 - Thursday October 19, 2006 at 19:15
PLEASE PLEASE FINISH. I want to know if Serena is pregnant by her teacher and what her parents will say about it!
Anonymous - Monday October 16, 2006 at 21:19
marabara - Sunday September 24, 2006 at 06:13
I'm starting to think that this story will never be finished. I read it back in July, and check every so often to see if anything new has happened. But not yet. I will continue to check up on this story to see if you've updated. I'm sure you've got alot of other things to do, but us fans are waiting for you ;). Please finish. :)
uchihalover - Tuesday September 12, 2006 at 12:43
2Late4Me - Thursday August 31, 2006 at 14:46
I first began reading this story on, and when I saw it was here I was really excited. This is seriously the best fanfic I've ever read because you put your own creative spin on the same old characters. I just want to say good job, and one day I hope to write a fic as good as yours! Keep it up!
xxangelxx - Monday August 28, 2006 at 14:39
please update it take your time i cant wait to read more
Nani - Monday August 28, 2006 at 04:19
MG are you busy with work or school? Is that why you don't write as much as you used to. If so I can definitley relate. School is putting a big damper on my writing.
moonwaltz - Thursday August 24, 2006 at 12:51
i love it!! i can read this story over and over again without gettin bored >_< im so happy that u finally updated yeay :D
KeKe05 - Tuesday August 01, 2006 at 04:55
OMGosh, this story was one of the first SM stories I ever read (that was a loooonnnngggg time ago), and I have been hoooked ever since. Every so often I'll reread it ALL over. What I guess I'm tryin to say is.....PLEASE UPDATE.....take your time and do whatever is you need to do.....BUT PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE.....I'm desperate.....;-D
Anonymous - Tuesday July 11, 2006 at 15:12
Great story. Please continue. I'm dying to know the next story.
Gabyttita - Sunday July 02, 2006 at 19:38
I love this story soo much!!
and I have read it many times too... xD
please update soon!!!
I just can't imagine what is going to happen... and I want to know soon!!
so please update soon because is a great story!!
Anonymous - Saturday July 01, 2006 at 15:08
I hope you kick out another chapter soon!
Jolaine - Wednesday May 24, 2006 at 23:45
Hey ther MG... I started reading your story yesterday and I'm already done... I need more!!!!!!! lol I'm addicted to it!!!! Do you plan on adding anymore chapters in the future and when? Let me know ok? my email is
Cya later!!!
Amazing job on the story 1000000000 thumbs up!
andreadm - Friday May 19, 2006 at 04:32
Please finish the story!!!!!!!!!!!! Ilove it!!!!!!!
Anonymous - Tuesday May 16, 2006 at 07:23
please finish :( i love this story and it seems as if its been forgotten about.
xxangelxx - Tuesday March 07, 2006 at 17:29
amazing story i love the story i cant wait to see what comes next when do you think the real chapter 18 well b put up update soon
clockwork - Friday March 03, 2006 at 03:01
Gah, more please!!

I've been reading this story since it first came out. And that was bloody years ago!!!! So pleeeease, more!! *sob*

bugged - Wednesday February 08, 2006 at 08:09
that was a really cool chapter! when are you planning to update?? i hope it comes soon...
glowstixxz - Monday February 06, 2006 at 20:40
Fantastic update! I honestly thought you gave up on this fan fic, which would have been a dissapointment. This is a wonderful story, and you are honestly one of the most gifted writers I've ever seen. Please don't let this story go. It is by far the best one I've read, and I'm sure other readers feel the same way.

Please, update soon!
Unek530 - Tuesday January 31, 2006 at 20:53
You're an extremely talented writer. One of the best I have ever come across (and that's saying *A LOT* because I read a new book everyday). And I understand that there's other things in life besides writing and finishing a story, so I'm not going to hound you 'bout updating (although, I wouldn't complain LoL). I just hope that you will continue you're writing (even if it's not doin' fanfictions) because you have such a talent and one such as yours shouldn't be wasted. It'd be great to seen an update on both of your works, but if not.. I'd still like you say you are truly a wonderful and beautiful writer.
xMoon_Princessx - Tuesday January 31, 2006 at 06:45

why havent u updated??? *sniff* i luv ur stories!!!!! >.< i know u probably have better things to do than to listen to me whine and complain and beg for updates all day but hey, cant blame a girl for trying ^^;;

anyways hope u update soon!!!!!!

always and forever ur loyal fan,

angelvenus - Saturday January 28, 2006 at 04:44
Hi I like your updated storie. Please keep on writing
Velvet - Tuesday January 24, 2006 at 07:19
I love this story so much. I've been keeping up with it for years. You have no idea how excited I get when I see that you've updated. I was really worried that you had abandoned this fic; I'm so glad that's not the case. Anyway, I'm patiently looking forward to the rest of Chapter 18.
Anonymous - Sunday January 22, 2006 at 08:43
thanks so much for posting a new chapter, even if it is a short one. I've been follwing this story for a few years now and I'm so happy to see where your heading in the future. I totally understand this is the last thing on your mind, but I wanted to wish you good luck on future chapters. good stories are worth waiting for.
nav - Tuesday January 17, 2006 at 16:34
hi i just read your story it is really nice i can't wait to find out what andrew does next cause it is not serena'a fault from what i think. but keep on wrting and i can't wait for the next chaper please finish this story.
Anonymous - Saturday January 14, 2006 at 07:49
I have lost respect for you as a writer. Do you feel any king of obligation or even respect for your faithful readers.
cosmoscrystal - Saturday January 14, 2006 at 05:17
Ok MG . . . looking forward to future chapters. You've got a sure fire hot hot story. HHHHHOOOOOOTTTTT! :)
lacyloss - Thursday January 12, 2006 at 06:02
OMG! Please bring in this chapter ( just one more is all i ask and you can disappear until next year) I read one of your post on your insight of what the difference between a great writer and just a writer and you said that a great writer leaves their fans in suspense on the edge of their seats wanting for more, and let me tell you, you are doing just that and you have deemed yourself worthy of the title congratulations you are one of many and i only hope that you never change your story will be read and talked about for many years to come! Update fast and soon!
Anonymous - Tuesday January 10, 2006 at 05:15
I was surprised to see you post this chapter finally on this website!! I have had this chapter on my computer now for months maybe even a year or so!! Dare i hope that this will mean the continuation of this story or will it be the same as before!! Leaving this story here??? I know your busy and all but this is a story that deserves to be finished maybe even published with perhaps the names of these characters changed!!! I truly hope you continue with this. There are so many things inside to be finished off!!
crazzieblue - Monday January 09, 2006 at 04:49
And the Plot Thickens...
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Good luck with... life.
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i absolutly luv this story it has so much life to it if that makes sense. Anyway i read the versions on and on a sailor moon romance and noticed a lot of changes. Such as Darien is definatly a much bigger ass hole in this one and Serena is kind of TOO shy. And i really do believe that the hentai sences where better. i don't know it just seemed more romantic for some reason and it showed exactly what darien would do to make serena happy. anyway cant wait for the next chapter.
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u so need to get published. you're such a talented writer and so very creative. i really mean that. you are my favorite author of all the fanfiction authors, and i cannot wait till the next chapter!!
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ClaidiWinter - Monday December 02, 2002 at 20:22
Whatever girl, i never read any other old versions save the stuff posted on ASMR, but I love it to death. Like the others said you might want to add in a space or something for a scene change, but other than that this story is amazing. You are an awesome writer, and really know how to thicken the plot, get your reader in sync with the characters, and the sub-plots are fun too! Anyways i won't make this any longer just keep on writing! and update more often! *Claidi looks behind her as her own readers are following her with pitchforks, demanding an overdue chapter of her own story.* Uh oh, as Mina would say, gotta book it! keep up the good-no! INCREDIBLE work!
Anonymous - Monday December 02, 2002 at 12:58
i love reading your story and have been following it for quite a while now. i think the change in points of views sometimes ruin the flow of the story but thats my opinion. otherwise i like the plot and the humour and i'm dying to know what happens next. Update soon.
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Hee hee, keep it comin'!
You changed stuff, but i like it all the same.
There are a few mistakes, might want someone to take a look at it.
Silvery_Moonlight - Monday December 02, 2002 at 06:23
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Nice chapter. I had read your previous version of this story, and at first I did not notice a big difference other than the change of location. However, this chapter (12) seemed very different. I don't remember that part about Serena's parents but it was beautifully incorporated. One suggestion though: you may want to put some sort of symbol (maybe ****) to indicate when you're changing scenes to make reading clearer.
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ladydee_1au - Friday November 15, 2002 at 01:56
I truly hope you finish this. I am really enjoying it
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ladydee_1au - Saturday November 09, 2002 at 11:26
I've just finished reading this and thought it was very exciting and interesting. Excellent writing MG I cant wait to find out how this ends. I hope I find out soon.
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More, Please!!!

Cool chappy, keep it comin'
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Anonymous - Saturday October 26, 2002 at 04:29
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BLUE - Thursday October 24, 2002 at 20:54
I love this story it's just great. Hope you post
chapter 15 soon mg.
Anonymous - Thursday October 24, 2002 at 11:17
In chapter 10 you say that Serena puts her hair up in a 'chiffon'. It's a 'chignon'. Chiffon is a type of material. Just thought you should know. Otherwise the story is pretty good. A little risque, but not bad.
Anonymous - Thursday October 24, 2002 at 04:01
I have to agree with two of the viewers about your story. First, to the reference of whether the story takes place in Tokyo or in Florida, and second about the sex scenes being better in your original story. Otherwise, can't wait till the next chapter!
crystal_rose - Thursday October 24, 2002 at 03:45
*scratches head in confusion*

I like this story, but there are times when you refer to them living in America then switch to Tokyo then back to Florida. Maybe you should go back and fix this up.
Anonymous - Monday October 21, 2002 at 01:24
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Anonymous - Thursday October 17, 2002 at 21:47
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Lov ya
Usagi-chan ;)
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this story is really really good i read this at 3 different sites including i was kind of piss when i heard u were rediting it but this is good to if not not better than the origanl i have to agree with with the person who was talking about how the hentia chapter were alot better in the older version. so keep up the good work and will u plez finish you other 2 story DP and one u wrote call Love affir i am dying to find out what happen next
Sabra - Wednesday October 09, 2002 at 15:07
Your story is awesome! I've gotta read the next chapter! Please get it out soon! Keep up the awesome work!!
Sailor_Sista - Wednesday October 09, 2002 at 07:22
Well, i noticed a lot of spelling mistakes, but it was very good. Keep it comin MG!
Sailor Sista
Anonymous - Wednesday October 09, 2002 at 05:21
I thought that these were supposed to be hentai chapters and the non-hentai on The older version was much better description-wise and grammatically-wise. I think that you have to re-edit what has been edited so that it makes a little bit more sense. I am in no way flamming the story, just giving constructive criticism. The story's great and you're a great writer. And I like some of the changes that have been made. It's just that I personally think the hentai scenes were better before and did not have as many grammatical errors as this one.
KaKGurlie - Tuesday October 08, 2002 at 17:39
This is the most amazing story ever to be written, and I am not kidding! I love this story... I will do about anything to see the next chapter... and I mean come on... the re-written one! You also need to get out Chapter 15 on! I mean, seriously!
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love the story can't believe you're making us suffer by re- writing it I just ask that you can put out the new chapters fast because I love your work and can't wait to see the new new stuff keep up the good work
Anonymous - Tuesday October 08, 2002 at 03:11
LOve ur story, please hurry up with he next

^.^ ~~@ngelblood~~
Sailor_Sista - Monday October 07, 2002 at 15:08
Wow.. haven't read this for a while. But i look forward to more chapters.
Sailor Sista
Anonymous - Monday October 07, 2002 at 05:18
great fic you got going. i read what you had til you said it was posting here now. i like you story tho. its really good.
Wreath_of_Roses - Monday October 07, 2002 at 04:43
I love your story, as I have been a devoted reader at I see one tiny problem though, all your quotation marks and such, in the first chapter, have been turned into question marks. That's really odd! It might have something to do with the format that you have used. Anyway ask Aria about it, I'm sure she can figure it out!

Now keep writing and don't forget to work on chapter 15!!
Anonymous - Monday October 07, 2002 at 03:14
I love your STORY!!!!!!! I already read it and the revisions are even better, can't wait until chapter 15 comes out.
ladysolo - Wednesday October 02, 2002 at 15:48
I remember reading your stories such a long time ago . . . you were one of the first authors I read (you and Lady M. Harris), so I started out in the SM fan fiction world with only the best stories (and still to this day expect nothing less--you spoiled me for all other . . . fiction). This story is definitely lives up to that expectation and I cannot wait to see what you're doing with the re-write.
psycho4moon - Wednesday October 02, 2002 at 15:28
I'm soooooo happy that you posted here. I LOVE THIS STORY!!!! Thank you so much, it made my day!!!!!
grafitti_dust - Wednesday October 02, 2002 at 02:19
yay mg posted on ariasink. *dances* i love this story btw, there's just no words to say how much. so yeah, i'm happy you decided to post here.
Unwanted - Tuesday October 01, 2002 at 23:55
I have read this story so many times. It was actually the first fanfic I ever read on and I have loved it ever since then. I hope to see you post the chapter often so I am able to read more of it again.
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