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Why can't a read stories that are rated 'R'?

You have to have an account with Ariasink and be at least 17 years old to read stories that are rated 'R' and above.
Where do I put my age?

Click on 'View Account' (left hand menu) and in the account page, in the right hand menu titled “Personal Page”, you will find a link called 'Date of Birth' (note: must be logged in to view). Just click on that and enter your birthdate. Please double check before you click on 'update' because you will NOT be able to edit it.
What if I lie about my age?

Lying about your age is grounds for revoked privileges—even banning. Please tell the truth. The age requirement was initiated for your protection.
Why are stories rated 'R' and higher locked out when it's not law?

In short, it's voluntary censorship to protect the site. This is a preventive measure to protect younger members from explicit material.
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