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What is a KeyCode?

A KeyCode is what the AIModule generates when you run it on you computer. Each computer should generate a unique KeyCode.
What do I do with the KeyCode?

Once you have a KeyCode you log into your profile and click on the 'Register KeyCode' Link. Enter you KeyCode in the box provided and click 'Register'. This will then generate a 'token' for the AIModule to collect.
What is a token?

A token is what the AIModule uses to access your profile without having to log in. You have to have a token before you can download any stories.
How often is the online stories database updated?

Once every 12 hours.
Are all stories available for download by the AIModule?

No, by default stories are marked NOT to be downloadable. The author has to select this option in each story they wish to be downloadable.
Do the authors know how many times a story has been downloaded?

Not yet, but this data is being recorded and will be made accessible when more author tools become available.
Can an author remove a story from the AIModule queue?

Yes, you just set the story NOT to be downloadable anymore. It will not remove the story from members' computers who downloaded it prior to you disabling download, though.
Is there a limit to how many stories you can download in one session?

Currently, no. However, please consider bandwidth usage when selecting stories.
How do I remove stories I downloaded from the module and no longer want on my computer?

Assuming you're using a Microsoft OS, the process will go something like this: program files > Ariasink > AIMod > data > file folder of the author and double click > delete the files you wish.
Do I need to download the new version from the website?

No, the AIModule will check for new versions and download/install them automatically.
Do I have to let the AIModule update itself?

Yes. The AIModule will NOT download any new stories/chapters unless it's the newest version available.
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