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What's an avatar/av/avie?

It's an image that you can upload to your profile, and will be associated with your member account--for example, it will show up in forum posts, PMs, and on your profile.
How do I get an avatar?

You can either make it yourself with programs such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (or some equivalent) or you can find a pre-made avatar at a graphic website. AI also has premade options that you can select.
What size should my avatar be?

Your avatar can an image up to 100x100 pixels.
The avatar isn't the same size as the one I uploaded. What happened?

If any dimension is more than 100 pixels, the avatar will be resized so that the largest side is 100 pixels or less. For example, if you have an avatar that is 120x80 then it will be resized to 100x66; if you upload one that is 80x60 it will remain that way.
I switched my avatar, but it reverted by to the old one! What do I do?

Don't worry, and please, don't make a forum post about this. Your old avatar is in your browser's cache file and the browser's loading pictures from there to save downloading time. You can force the new avatar to show by pressing refresh or 'CTRL' and 'F5' at the same time.

If this doesn't work, delete your cookies and history in the browser and close it. Re-log in to AI. It should show the new one.
What's appropriate to put on my avatar?

Please keep it PG. If you're worried whether an avatar is appropriate or not, then it probably isn't. You can PM an admin to make the call should you choose.
How do I select one of the premade avatars available?

In View Account, edit your profile. Here you have the option to either upload an avatar from your computer or you can select one from the Available Avatar List. You can also view this list by clicking the link in [List].

To choose a premade avatar, simply select the avatar number you desire and a preview will appear. Then update to save the change.

Preloaded Avatars courtesy of Maxy, Mae ( and Dani & Ashlee.
How big can the image file be for my avatar?

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