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What is the 'collapse' feature?

The 'Collapse' feature (available on supported themes) will allow you to collapse unwanted site information boxes.

For example: if you didn't want to have the birthday announcement box displayed, you can collapse this box by clicking on the 'collapse' button. Currently, on the supportedhemes, the collapse button is a small graphic bullet or arrow in the header title. Clicking that will leave the header of the box with the title still in place, but not the contents. Clicking the button again will expand it.
What is the Profiles Log information window?

This window is a personalized information log. For content to be displayed, you must be logged in. What you subscribe/track/send will depend on what is displayed here.

Currently supported features are PMs (sent, read, and deleted), new posts in tracked forums topics and new reviews submitted on your published stories.
What are the quick link menu icons and can I change them?

On supported themes, they are quick links you can choose to appear at the top of the theme for easy access.

If you're in a supported theme (Holiday, PGSM and Stargirl) and would like to change these links, go to View Account and click on Change Theme. There you will find the available Menu Icons in drop down menus.

Please note: View Account and Site Help are stationary icons and cannot be changed. You can also add more icons with a higher mode (as there will be more room to add extras).
I selected a quick link icon, but it doesn't appear. Why?

Some links are not active at this time (displayed in red on the menu selection) and cannot be used as quick links.
What is the theme "mode?"

If the theme supports this feature, you can select different theme modes to change the width of the site. Currently this option is only available on the PGSM and Stargirl themes.

There are 4 modes so you can choose the best fit for your screen size. Mode 1 is the narrowest and Mode 4 is the widest.
What is the "blank" option in the theme selection?

This will select the default site theme. Usually when a new theme is addedit is set as the site's default theme. Currently, the default theme is Holiday (as of 1/26/06).
How do I choose my theme?

You can only change themes if you're logged in. Go to View Account > Change Theme. In the first drop down menu, select the desired theme. In the second one, select the version (if applicable). In the third drop down menu, select mode 1 through 4.
How many quick link menu icons are associated with each mode?

Please note that the View Account icons and the Site Help icons are stationary in the themes that support this feature. The numbers listed below are the additonal icons you can choose and thus do not include the stationary icons.

Mode 1 --> 4 Icons
Mode 2 --> 5 Icons
Mode 3 --> 6 Icons
Mode 4 --> 7 Icons

The Holiday theme allows you a flat 8 choices, as it doesn't have different modes.
Why won't some boxes collapse?

The function is currently not supported/allowed.
What is MyTheme?

It is the AI theme that you can customize to your personal tastes. Please refer to the My Theme and My Images, as this feature deserves its own category.
What is the default theme?

The theme that is automatically selected for you when you visit the site is currently "Holiday." This applies only when you haven't logged in, created an account or haven't yet selected another theme for your member account.
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