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What if I get a negative review?

Negative reviews are allowed, although they must be accompanied by valid reasons. Any reviews that are found to be deliberate flames will be removed and a PM will be sent to the reviewer. Flames wars started by either the author or reviewer(s) are not allowed. In this case, all reviews involved will be deleted.
What if the review offends me?

Authors are to respect the opinions expressed in each review. If, for some reason, you are offended by the review, send a Private Message to either Aria, Crystal_Rose, or Ladysolo about it—do not start a public flame war in either the forums, reviews or your author's notes. Only reviews that contain personal attacks, offensive language or flames will be removed.
Can I review myself?

Authors are not allowed to review themselves in order to reply to a review or give announcements. Announcements can be posted in the story Author Notes and reviews can be replied to personally via PM.
Can I post a spoiler in a review?

No plot spoilers are allowed in public reviews. It would ruin it for the other readers.
Can I reply to another reviewer in a review of my own?

Reviewers are not permitted to reply to other reviews. If you must address another reviewer, please PM him or her.
How short of a review can I leave?

No single-word reviews. Any reviews that contain only one word, or one word copied and pasted a million times over, will be removed. (I.e. “moremoremoremore!”) Reviews like “update soon!” aren't any better so please take the time to write a review that the author can appreciate. The point of reviewing stories is to help authors improve their writing and motivate them to continue writing. Good, honest critiques do that; one-liners don't.
What if I notice something wrong with the plot? Can I point it out?

Pointing out plot flaws/holes, bad grammar/spelling, lack of characterization/plot development are not flames and totally admissible. It's okay to tell an author that you didn't like the story, as long as you give a valid reason. And authors, accept the negative reviews with a grain of salt; you won't improve your writing or your story if you can't accept a little criticism.
What's the Review Score all about?

Reviews are being scored to try and improve the quality of reviews being left for authors. The members leaving the best reviews will be added to a list. So try to leave the author with something better than a one-liner. That's not to say that your main motivation should be to improve your rankings; you should review because you want to do your part to help the author and the fandom improve. Member rankings are an indicator of the quality of reviews each person writes. To raise your rank, simply give better reviews. It's as simple as that.

What happened to the rating system?

It is currently being worked on until a fair and easy way is devised to prevent manipulations.
What is the Story Reviews link?

It lists the last 25 reviews submitted to the site for all the stories in the archive. It indicates the member's name, the review's contents, and the story it was left for.
How can I view the last 10 reviews left for my stories?

Log into your account and go to View Account. The last 10 reviews will be under your Story Submissions list.
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