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What is MyTheme?

MyTheme is a theme for the site that you can customize.

NOTE: It hasn't been released to the general public as of the writing of these FAQs, but I wanted to get a head start to make sure these were available with its release.
How do I select MyTheme as my site theme?

Please refer to the Site Theme fAQs, as those Q&As apply to this topic.
What are the drop boxes for when MyTheme is selected?

After you have selected MyTheme as your theme, drop boxes should appear.

They are for, in order (from left to right):

1st: The theme you have selected, which should be mytheme.
2nd: This is currently negligable but will be serving a function in the future.
3rd: Which mode you want. The choices are Mode 1 and Mode 2.
4th: File name for background image
What is Mode 1 and Mode 2?

The mode, as in the other themes with this option available, changes the width of the site for your screen. For this theme, Mode 1 corresponds to an 800x600 resolution while mode 2 is 1024x768.
What does 'no background image selected' mean?

If you see an image in the background, you haven't selected an image to associate with MyTheme. You can do this by selecting the image's file name in the 4th drop down menu.
But I don't have any image names in that field. What do I do?

Then you need to upload some images to MyImages! Make sure you upload the picture to the "background" category, as this category is where the image names are drawn from.
How wide do the images have to be to fit into the theme?

For mode 1: The image can be 770 pixels wide.

For Mode 2: The image can be 994 pixels wide.
How tall to the images have to be to fit into the theme?

The image can be as tall as you desire. Keep in mind, though, that the main box's location depends on the height of the picture. It starts wherever the image stops; so, if you have an extremely tall picture, you will have to scroll more.
How big can the file size be?

You must have space in MyImages to be able to upload the file size. If the picture is bigger than the allotment you have been allocated, you must make a smaller file.
The font is really small and hard to read. How can I change it?

currently, the only way to fix the font (should it look weird) is to have a 03b font installed. It is my understanding that fonts will be available for download from the site but that is currently not available. I will update this FAQ should anything change.

But, in the meantime, you can make the font easier to read by selecting an option in your operating system.

For Windows 2000 and XP:
Go to screen properties > Appearance > Effects > Select the box that says "Smooth screen properties" and then select, in the drop down menu, "Cleartype"
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