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What is MyImages?

It is a personal image storage that is associated with your AI member account. It makes posting images easier in the forums and in PMs, allow you to upload multiple avatars, as well as allow you share them with other AI members.
How many pictures can I upload?

As many as you can fit in the space you have been allotted.
How can I find out how much space I have?

Space is allocated in proportion to how long you have been a member. The longer you have been an AI member, the more space you have in MyImages. You receive 2k of space for each day you have been an AI member.
What image file types can I upload?

You can upload PNG, GIF and JPG. Should this change, I will update the FAQ to reflect the new types allowed.
What can I upload pictures of?

As long as the image is not copyrighted, the image isn't porn (or can't be construed as offensive in any way), the image should be fine for upload. If you have a question concerning the appropriateness of an image, it most likely isn't. You can PM/email an Admin to make a judgment call should you feel it necessary.
What are the different picture categories for?

Each group labels the image and sorts it for you. There are currently 5 categories:

Use this category for Avatars in your AI Journal. Images are automatically converted to JPEG and resized to 100x100.

Use this category for your personal backgrounds in supported themes. Images are automatically converted to JPEG and resized to the screensize you specify.

Use this category for displaying you personal images in the AI Gallery.

Use this category for general image use over the site. You can use these images in PM's, Forum Posts And Journal Entries.

Use this category for external image linking.
Can I use the images on other sites (can I externally link)?

Yes. For example, you can house an image in MyImages and use the URL to post on Livejournal. However, please note that all images follow a Fair Use Policy--if you use too much, you will be blocked. Please do not abuse this.
What image policy does MyImages follow?

MyImages follows a Fair Use Policy--in other words, do not abuse the feature or it will be taken away. Do not, for instance, upload a file and then direct link it where it'll get 100,000 hits.
Now that AI has MyImages, can I still direct link in the forums from another image host?

In other words, you have a painting you just finished and you have it uploaded to Can you use that link to show the image in the forum?

No. If you have any pictures you wish to place in the forum, please upload it to MyImages and use the image number to show the picture.
How do I upload images?

Go to MyImages. You will see the box that tells you the remaining space you have and right below that, the area to upload new images.

Hit "browse" to locate the file and click on it; then, select open. Then, in the drop down menu, select the file type--what you select will dictate which category the image is uploaded to and what the image can be used for. Click "upload."
How do I delete images?

You can either A.) delete all images at once or B.) one at a time.

To A.) delete all images at once, you want to "Purge Images," an option on the right hand side your MyImages Profile (top box with the amount of space you have). It's in [brackets]. Note: Be sure you want to delete all of your images. Once you click this link, there is way to undo it and no verification.

To B.) delete a single image, locate the image you which to get rid of and select "Delete Image" that is underneath the image details.
I uploaded my image to the wrong category. Can I move it?

No. You must delete the image from the wrong cateogry and then reupload it to the desired category.
How do I place an image in the forum or in a PM?

Please note that if you are using an image in AI's forums or in a PM, it MUST be uploaded to the Misc category.

The powers-that-be made this very simple. You can either type the [myimg:#] tag the image is associated with (by replacing "#" with the image number) or by selecting the thumbnail version of the image that is to the right of a PM or forum reply box.
What does "Invalid Image" in red mean?

Either: A.) the image typed in was not the right category (for example, you typed in the image number in the forums or PM that was not in the Misc category) or B.) The image was deleted and no longer in MyImages.
What does the image sign that says "External Image Only" mean?

Images uploaded to the "External Image" category can only be utilized for external linking (off-site). If you wish to show a picture on AI, please upload the picture to the Misc category.
How do I link an image externally (post a picture off-site)?

Note: The image must be uploaded to the External category.

Take the image number and plug it into this html code:

<img src="">

Naturally, replace "#" with the image number.
What does "No Image Specified" mean?

The external linking code did not have the "#" replaced with the image number.
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