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What are the 'Website Links'?

Website Links is a listing of personal websites maintained by active members.
How do I add my webpage so it shows up as a link?

As you edit your profile, find the corresponding field for "website"--enter the URL, taking extra care to make sure you type it correctly. Update your profile and five more fields should appear: capture size, website title, description, category, and website info. Fill out the information and try to be as succinct as possible. Please choose a category as it'll make searching easier.
Is every member webpage listed on the Website Links page?

No. An admin will evaluate the website and determine whether or not it will be added.
Can I put any webpage as my website?

No. You can only put your personal webpage only (for example: collective, blog, etc). No links can be submitted on behalf of someone else. It must be your own webpage.

Please note that sites that have illegal content or links to illegal content, break copyright laws, have nudity/hentai/porn, accept monetary donations, have online shops/auctions, etc. will NOT be allowed to have their site listed on Website Links.
How long does it take for me to find out whether or not my webpage has been added?

As with the submission queue, the time frame will vary depending on the evaluator's workload. Please be patient.
What happens if my website is accepted? What happens if it's not accepted?

If it's accepted, your website will appear on your profile as well as on Website Links. If it's not accepted, unfortunately your website cannot appear either location.
Why is this link system being put into effect?

For two notable reasons: 1.) This makes it easier for others on AI to access member's websites (as they will be listed in one place as opposed to being individually listed in a profile) and 2.) Due to the explicit nature and content of a few sites listed as a personal pages.
I entered my website and it says HTTP/1.1 No Connection. What does that mean?

You have most likely entered an invalid URL. Please check your syntax and try it again.
I need to change my URL. How do I do that?

In your profile, enter the new URL (and, if applicable, pertinent description changes, etc). Click update. Your old link, if it was accepted and listed on Website Links, will be taken off and the new URL and screen cap will be put into the queue to be evaluated.

Please note that you can change the description of the site as much as you want--only a change in the URL will result in it being resubmitted to the queue.
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