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What is Secret Stalker?

Secret Stalker is AI's annual version of Secret Santa. If you're not familiar with how it works, it's very simple. There's a sign up process, and after the sign-up is closed, random names are matched and each person is assigned someone to “stalk.”

As a stalker, you find out what the person likes or dislikes by reading their forum posts or profile or going to their website. Using this information, you send your stalkee anonymous gifts [via AI and an easy uploading process]. It'll post the gifts on the Secret Stalker website for you to look at.

Since someone is also stalking you, you will be receiving gifts at the same time you are stalking someone else.
Who started Secret Stalker?

Ashlee_A started it in 2002 and it continued on with KTStarShot and Angel_Grrl.
Where can I look at past threads?

Threads: 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 || Website: 2005.
Where is the Secret Stalker gift site?

How do I sign up?

Note: sign up is only during a certain time frame.

On the AI Main Menu or through the stalker website, there should be a link that says "Secret Stalker Sign-up." If you have read the rules and want to participate, click on the "join" link.

If it is not there, that means sign-up has been closed for this year.
How do I leave?

Note: You can only leave during the specified sign-up period.

Should you decide to leave, the option can be found at the same link where you signed up ("Secret Stalker sign-up"). Just click the "leave" button.

However, once sign-up is closed, you are committed.
How many gifts do we have to send?

Three. Why three? Because that's a safe number. For the stalkers, three is easy to accomplish, while at the same time, let your stalkee feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
But I can't send three gifts, because _______!

The holiday season is hectic. Your dog died. Your computer/internet/house died. You don't have enough money and have to buy X amount of gifts. You can't think of anything good to send.

Find a way. You signed up, now follow through. Go to the library with a flash drive. Use a friends' computer.

Find a way.
What can I send as gifts?

...pretty pictures, funny pictures, avatars, artwork, wallpapers, text files, short stories, long stories, funny poems, unfunny poems, letters, journal entries, links, e-cards, articles, recipes, games, puzzles, jokes, flash videos, fonts, brushes, cute animations, parodies, photo manipulations, book recommendations, holiday gift ideas, a painting, a sketch, a quote, layouts...and so much more... long as they are PG-13. NO PORN!!! :D
Where do I upload/send gifts?

In past years, the stalker would email his gifts as an attachment. Not anymore.

Since SS is automated now, you will upload gifts via AI HERE. It works kind of like myimages crossed with the story submission queue.
I won't be here for the guessing thread. What should I do?

The guessing thread is completely optional. There is no need to participate if you can't, but it IS fun to do.
I uploaded a gift for my stalker and it's not there! Why?

There is a delay in the posting of gifts, as all gifts must be approved.

If your gift is not approved, you will receive a PM explaining why.
Can you make my stalkee/stalker be ______?

I have absolutely NO CONTROL over who gets who. I have also have no idea who has who, as I am participating as well.

All pairs will be randomly chosen by the site.
I'm having problems uploading. Can you help me?

I, LS, will help you as best I can, as long as the stalkee remains anonymous. If you want, you can post the question in the thread. If you want to remain anonymous, PM me.
What is MyStalker and what does it do?

MyStalker is your personal area for everything Secret Stalker. It is where you manage everything about your gifts--upload, delete, the number of gifts you have left.
How do I use MyStalker?

I wrote a tutorial on the stalker site on how to do everything.
How do I know I received a gift?

You will receive a notice in your AI profile box (on supported themes). This is the same place you receive notices about tracked threads, PMs, reviews, etc. It will say:

"00:00 - Your Sekkret Stalker has just sent you a New Gift"

Links to the new gift and your personal Gift page will be supplied as well.
How do I know if my stalkee viewed my gifts?

On the stalker website, if the gift has not been viewed by the stalkee, it will have a red present next to it.

If the stalkee has viewed the gift, there will be a thumbnail of the image (or the file type icon next to it).
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