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About Administrators/Helpdesk/Beta Testers - Questions
About Administrators/Helpdesk/Beta Testers - Answers
Who are the admins and what do they do?

Ladysolo and Usagi help Aria with basic functions of the site.
Which admin evaluate story submissions?

Aria and ladysolo.
Which admin moderate the forum?

Aria, ladysolo, and Usagi are super moderators.
I want to add a smiley. Which admin do I talk to?

Usagi! Not all smilies will be accepted as they must be appropriate for the site.
There's a review that I want edited. Which admin should I contact?

ladysolo. If the review is slanderous, contains inappropriate content, and/or changes the horizontal scrolling of your story article, it will be dealt with accordingly.
Which admin is in charge of the FAQs?

ladysolo. And yes, for the record, it's annoying to answer my own questions. :P
Who comprises the helpdesk team and what do they do?

dania_knight, moonflower, and KTstarShot moderate the Support forums (General Help, Site Help, AIMod and I'm Lost).
How do I become an admin/helpdeskee?

Not by PMing Aria or making a topic in the forum. She picks moderators—personally—by her own criteria. Currently, no more moderators are needed. When there is a need for more moderators, the decision will be based solely on her criteria and will be conducted in private.
If I have a question about the site, can I only PM/email Aria?

If you have a question, please feel free to PM any of the admin or helpdeskees. We're here to help and Aria gets enough PMs/email as it is. If the person you ask does not have the answer, they will find it out.
What are beta testers and what do they do?

Beta testers help Aria and the moderators test out new additions to the site before they're released. This is to fix any bugs that may be present and to test the new feature's practicality.
How do I become a beta tester?

Currently, no more beta testers are needed. If any more are needed, Aria will privately contact members who meet her critera. Please do not email her concerning this matter.
What happens if I delete a PM from an admin without reading it?

An admin's PM usually contains pertinent, often time sensative, information concerning your account on AI. It is critical that you read the PM, especially if you have submitted a story or posted in the forums.
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