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Submission Guidelines - Last Revised: 20th January 2006

AI welcomes all genres of fan fiction as well as original stories. AI does not accept: poetry, stories/song fics containing copyrighted song lyrics, scripts, character/plot outlines, PWP/hentai, or plagiarized stories.

All submissions must be at least: 500 words for a prologue/epilogue and 1000 words for all other chapters. If it's a one shot/part, it needs to be at least 1000 words.

You can upload multiple stories, but submissions are limited to 3 per week. If you have more than the max 3 submissions in the queue, they will be skipped over to give other submissions a chance. If you break this rule more than once, all submissions will be deleted.

On the initial submission, stories can have a maximum of 10 chapters (including prologues & epilogues). Further chapters can be added once the story has been uploaded. Author's notes and story-related information should be added in the appropriate chapter label.

Please rate your entire story, not each chapter--i.e. if every chapter is G except one that is NC-17, your story rating should be NC-17. The admins hold the right to change the rating on any fic that has been deemed mislabeled.

If your story is rated R or NC-17, the submitted part of the fic should reflect that rating. If you submit a prologue that contains no R/NC-17 material, you will be asked to submit the parts of the story that DO reflect this rating. If you have not written the R/NC-17 material yet, we cannot accept your story until we have read the R/NC-17 material.

Due to many fics recently being based on the same movie/book/etc., fics that are based too closely to the 'inspiration' will NOT be accepted. This is to avoid finger pointing and accusations.

Authors who plagiarize will have all their stories removed, their account disabled and it will be announced in the newsletter.


Story format should be in plain text or very basic html. Basic html includes only bare minimum tags, such as bold, italics and underline. Fonts, font colors, centering/positioning will not be allowed. The story will be processed through a text formatter and unaccepted html tags will be removed.

-How to save your Word Document as a text file: go to 'save file as' and underneath where the file name is it says 'Save as type'--this is where you can chose the format you want your file to be saved as. Chose 'plain text'. Click ok. And when the file comes up, hit enter after every paragraph. Then save it. AI will automatically wrap the rest so it's readable.

-If you've already wrapped your document: in story manager, by clicking on the notepad icon , you can choose to have 'raw' formatting or 'paragraph' formatting. If you have wrapped the document (i.e. at the end of 70 characters you have physically pressed enter), then choose 'raw'. If you upload a wrapped document and keep it on 'paragraphing' (the default setting which automatically wraps for you), it will be double-spaced and will need to be fixed.

It is YOUR job to preview the appearance of your story. We reserve the right to not read any story formatted in an unreadable way.


Stories will be reviewed by the story admins, and any story found to be with filled gross mistakes will not be accepted. The most common reasons for rejection are grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes that can be easily fixed with the help of a beta reader or an editor. Please note that all aspects of the submission are taken into account: the title, the summary, and the story content itself.

Submissions have a 'three strikes' rule. You can submit an individual story a total of three times. After the third review is complete and it is not accepted into the archives, the story cannot be submitted to the queue again. If it is resubmitted, it will be automatically rejected.

If your story is put 'on error' in order for you to fix your submission, be advised that if your story sits 'on error' for more than two weeks, it will be deleted. In accordance to the three strikes rule, if you resubmit your story after it has been 'on error' twice and it has shown no visible signs of improvement, it will be rejected and it cannot be resubmitted again.


You can withdraw a story from the site at any time by clicking on the notepad in story manager and selecting the 'yes' under the removal option. This story will be marked as 'queued for removal' which prevents the story from being viewed. However, there may be a small delay in the removal process of the story.

Remember, stories will only be published once. Once removed, it is removed permanently.

We reserve the right to remove any submission (published or not) from the website or change the guidelines at any time without prior notification.

The dot next to your story indicates its status:

Not yet reviewed or 'on error'
Accepted but not yet published
Accepted and Published

Any suggestions, comments or problems using the submission process please email
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